Jo Swinson turns the tables on John Humphreys during Today interview

Written by Dods staff on 8 February 2018 in Diary

Watch: The veteran BBC journalist did not appreciate being ambushed live on air.

John Humphreys has a proud track record of skewering politicians on the Today programme. But what happens when the tables are turned?

Listeners found out the answer today for perhaps the first time when Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson went head-to-head with Humphreys on the topic of sexual harassment at Westminster – and then ambushed him at the end of the interview.

She said: "While I've got you here John, can I just ask, have you apologised to Carrie Gracie for the remarks you made about her courageous stance on equal pay?"

Swinson’s ambush comes weeks after the leaking of an off-air conversation in which Humphreys moaned about Gracie to BBC US editor Jon Sopel: "Oh dear God. She’s actually suggested that you should lose money – you know that don’t you?"

After answering the question posed by the Lib Dem MP, Humphreys fumed: "Quite what this has to do with what we're discussing here I fail to see, but there we are."

To which Swinson shot back sharply: "It wouldn't be the first time that a question has been thrown in at the end of a conversation."






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