Jeremy Corbyn easily beats Theresa May in his ‘best PMQs yet’

Written by David Singleton on 18 October 2017 in Diary

The Labour leader’s performance won plaudits from lobby journalists.

Jeremy Corbyn was today said to have comprehensively beaten a "predictable and flat" Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions.

The Labour leader began by welcoming the fall in unemployment – and thus denying the prime minister the chance to make her usual jibe of asking: “Why won’t he mention it?”

Corbyn then claimed credit for the the government’s Universal Credit helpline u-turn and took May to task over the state of the economy.

At one point in proceedings, the Labour leader was helped by the prime minister declaring that "government has no money of its own".

Thinking on his feet, Corbyn hit back: "The prime minister seemed to have no problem finding a billion pounds in a couple of days for the DUP."





As Conservatives looked on glumly, Labour MPs were cheered by their leader’s performance. But they were not the only ones declaring a victory for their side.

The Guardian’s Andrew Sparrow stated: "It wasn’t a memorable PMQs, but Corbyn won, and he won on the economy. That is something that ought to worry the Tories enormously."

On Twitter, other senior journalists went further with Huffington Post political editor Paul Waugh declaring: "This is Corbyn's best #PMQs since he became leader in 2015. Rammed home Uni Credit hotline victory, lots of adlibs, stuck to fundamentals."

Buzfeed senior political reporter Emily Ashton opined: "Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs today was the best I've seen him for ages - well-targeted questions, quick-witted retorts, had PM on the back foot."

And Corbyn was even praised by The Sun as political editor Tom Newton Dunn asserted: "That was Corbyn’s best #PMQs yet. Sharp attacks, with wit. May’s responses predictable and flat. After 2 years, he’s finally getting it."




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