Jeremy Corbyn defies the Guardian and takes pity on Theresa May

Written by David Singleton on 29 November 2018 in Diary

Watch: The Labour leader tried to woo the public with an apparance on This Morning.

Theresa May is being “profoundly dishonest” about Brexit and nobody should feel sorry her, wrote Labour-supporting Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee in a coruscating attack on the prime minister this week.

“As the underdog assailed on every side, her personal polling has risen as people take pity on her, in her relentless obstinacy. But she is not presenting true options on Brexit and never did, from the day she entered Downing Street,” fumed Toynbee.

“Restrain your sympathy: stubbornness is no virtue. Don’t be beguiled by her ‘heart and soul’ attempt to win the nation over with ‘renewal and reconciliation’ hogwash. She volunteered for a tough task, but she could hardly have done it any worse.”

Alas, the leader of the Labour party appears to have missed the memo from the influential left wing commentator.





Appearing on This Morning, Jeremy Corbyn was asked whether he felt sympathy with the prime minister? He then gave an answer that was essentially the exact opposite of the position Toynbee urged Guardian readers to take.

“Yes, at a human level,” he replied. “Because leadership is a lonely place… and I think that people working hard and doing their best should be respected for that.”

Later on, the Labour leader may have further alienated Labour Remainers by declining to say how he would vote in a second Brexit referendum.

But at least he had a positive message for people who want to watch the final of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.







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