Jeremy Corbyn and co refuse to get excited about Cooper amendment

Written by Dods staff on 28 January 2019 in Diary

Watch: The Labour leader didn't like being asked about it as he left his house.

Labour had been widely expected to whip its MPs to support Yvette Cooper’s anti no-deal Brexit amendment. But Team Corbyn is doing a good job of showing minimal enthusiasm for the plan cooked up by Cooper and former Tory minister Nick Boles.

Jon Trickett, the shadow Cabinet Office minister, told the Guardian that he had encountered some voters in his West Yorkshire constituency who voiced the Brexiteers' favourite platitude:

“What they said is, look, we voted remain, but we’ve had a vote: get on with it.

"And I think that probably does capture a large swath of opinion in the country. That’s how I feel about this amendment. I feel that it may look to people as if we’re trying to somehow remove the earlier decision, which was to Brexit.”

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn looked distinctly miserable when a BBC journalist wnet to his home to ask whether the Labour leader would be backing the Cooper amendment...





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