Jeremy Corbyn’s top team were a bit clueless, says GQ editor

Written by David Singleton on 1 December 2017 in Diary

‘It was a difficult as shooting any Hollywood celebrity.’

Earlier this week it emerged that Jeremy Corbyn was on the hunt for a new communications director to ensure that his messages are "communicated effectively to contribute to Labour winning the next general election".

If the testimony of GQ editor Dylan Jones is to be taken seriously, the hire cannot come soon enough.

With the Labour leader having been revealed as the latest cover star of GQ, Jones spoke to the Today programme about working with Corbyn and his team on the interview and photoshoot:

“It was a difficult as shooting any Hollywood celebrity… Seumas Milne and his crew are very particular gatekeepers. They didn’t really seem to understand the process at all. Didn’t understand a) that he would have to be photographed in the first place and b) that he would need to be presentable or that he couldn’t just turn up in his anorak.

“The whole process was fascinating. When he turned up for the shoot it was almost like he was being pushed around like a granpa for the family Christmas photograph, he wasn’t particularly aware of what was going on.”



Of course, Jones is keen to get as much publicity as possibly for the latest issue of GQ. He has also been never known as the world’s most politically neutral journalist. He has previously written about his support for the Conservative party and penned a book about David Cameron which "made the Bible sound tough on Jesus", according to one hack. Meanwhile Labour sources have stressed that Jones wasn’t present at the recent photo shoot or the interview anyway.

On the Today programme, the GQ editor was asked about his motives and insisted he was not reeling from a row Corbyn’s spinners: "We haven’t fallen out with anyone, we’re just describing the process of what we went through to get the cover."

The GQ editor went on to claim that the Labour leader was unable to name a single book he had read or film he had seen in the last year. But perhaps that was not quite so bad, Jones suggested. “On the one hand I think it’s interesting that he hadn’t been given briefing notes… he does have an air of authenticity about him,” he said, grudgingly.





Picture by: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/PA Images.

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