Jacob Rees Mogg takes a hardline stance… against shopping at Ikea

Written by Dods staff on 29 January 2018 in Diary

The Conservative right winger insisted that he has ‘no ambitions in that direction’.

The Conservatives have come a long way since the days when flamboyant party grandee Alan Clark famously belittled Michael Heseltine as a man who "bought all his own furniture".*

So much so that one Conservative MP now appears to be positively proud of the fact that he bought all of his furniture from Ikea.

Croydon South MP Chris Philp was asked about the Swedish furniture giant after its founder Ingvar Kamprad died at the age of 91 at the weekend. He told TalkRadio: "Pretty much the entire contents of my house were purchased at IKEA and assembled myself."

The comments may come as a blow to Tory traditionalists - but thankfully Jacob Rees Mogg was on the show as well.

Asked if he had ever visited the store, the man known as Westminster’s ‘young fogey’ gave the only answer his supporters would have wanted to hear.

“I have never been to Ikea, no,” he said.

“I have no ambitions in that direction. Everything I have heard makes it sound enormously difficult and then when you get something you have to try and put it together. 

“That isn’t an area in which my skills lie.”





*Clark was actually recounting (with some glee) a jibe made by the former chief whip Michael Jopling. In his diaries, Clark quotes Jopling as saying: “The trouble with Michael is that he had to buy all his furniture”. He then describes the remark as “snobby, but cutting”.




Picture by Press Association.


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