Jacob Rees-Mogg performs a ‘reverse Leadsom’ over Tory leadership

Written by Dods staff on 5 February 2018 in Diary

The Conservative MP said that being a father of six meant he could not be PM.

During the 2017 BBC referendum debate at Wembley arena Andrea Leadsom repeatedly reminded viewers that she was making her arguments for Brexit “as a mother”.

The minister and married mum of three was lampooned in some quarters, but stuck with the misguided strategy during her subsequent doomed Tory leadership run.

Most controversially, she used an interview with The Times to suggest that being a mother made her a better choice for prime minister than Theresa May because it meant that she had "a very real stake" in the future of Britain.

Now another Brexiteer is being talked up as a future party leader. And Jacob Rees Mogg is doing his best to subvert the Leadsom playbook as he dampens down the speculation.

Explaining why he could never be prime minister, Rees Mogg is reported as saying today: “I’ve got six children.”

On Twitter, quick-witted lobbyist Rob Fuller seized on the “the rarely seen Reverse Leadsom”.



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