Jacob Rees-Mogg goes old school with his insults

Written by Total Politics Staff on 27 March 2019 in Diary

Blowing raspberrys about your top-flight private school education is just the look MPs needed today.

It’s been a tough few days for Mr Rees-Mogg who has gone from darling of the Brexit movement to a veritable punching bag for frustrated members of his own party.

And things turned particularly sour today when fellow Tory backbencher Nick Boles lampooned the Brexiteer - who led a failed coup against the Prime Minister - when he tried to champion the Government's primacy in Parliament in a bid to torpedo the indicative votes process.

To cheers from the opposition benches, Mr Boles slammed the hypocrisy, saying: “In that great referendum which he refers to, which voted to leave the European Union, I have been consistently voting with the Government in which I have confidence, with the Prime Minister in which I have confidence, to give effect of that decision, and he has been voting against.”

But relishing the chance to weaponise the private school league tables, the old Etonian fired back: "My honourable friend makes a characteristically Wykehamist point - highly intelligent, but fundamentally wrong.”

Roars of laughter enveloped the Tory backbenches, while the rest of us googled "Wykehamist" to figure out exactly how sick a burn this was. Turns out the jolly good chaps who attend Winchester College and Eton have been playing out this feud for a few centuries.

And in a follow-up jibe at the architect of the indicative votes process and fellow Etonian Oliver Letwin, Mr Rees-Mogg channelled his best Mean Girls spirit, adding: "I must confess I've sometimes thought my right honourable friend for West Dorset is more a Wykehamist than of my own school. But never mind."


But it turns out the Commons catering team have had the last laugh today. Dessert being served up to MPs in the canteen? Eton Mess.

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