Jacob Rees Mogg fights on - to the dismay of both Labour and Tory types

Written by David Singleton on 13 December 2018 in Diary

Watch: Polly Toynbee said it was ‘time we saw a bit less of him'.

What now for Jacob Rees Mogg? The Tory Brexiteer and his pals may have failed to dislodge Theresa May but the North East Somerset MP shows no sign of winding his neck in any time soon.

“This is a very bad result for the prime minister,” he told Newnight last night. “The overwhelming majority of backbenchers have voted against her.”

Then he told the Today programme: “You may remember that Margaret Thatcher… said, ‘We fight on, we fight to win’. Nobody was tougher than Mrs Thatcher, and the next day she resigned. So it’s not impossible.”

While former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton is apparently a fan, in Westminster a few people on both sides of the Labour-Tory divide appear to think that perhaps Rees Mogg should now leave the stage.





Foreign Office minister Alastair Burt responded to Rees Mogg by lamenting that “they never, ever stop”.

Fellow Tory MP Simon Hart tweeted today: “With all the respect I can muster I have to say to colleague Jacob Rees Mogg that he is in danger of sounding spiteful. He urges voters to accept that 52/48 is a decisive referendum margin so perhaps he could apply the same logic to the PM’s 63/37 margin last night.”

And on the BBC’s Daily Politics show, Labour-supporting Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee got a mirthless laugh from Owen Paterson laugh when she suggested that it might be time for Theresa May to tell the European Research Group top go home.

She went on: “I think the ERG is now out of the picture. I know he is fun to have on telly, Jacob Rees Mogg, time after time. But it’s time we saw a bit less of him.”

Alas Toynbee did not get the response she might have been hoping for from Jo Coburn.

“Well you’ll be disappointed because you may bear a little bit from him today as well, said the BBC presenter.”






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