How Tory aides covered up Theresa May's shocking Sudoko secret

Written by Dods staff on 10 November 2017 in Diary

The PM is said to be a big fan of Japanese number puzzles.

Since entering Number 10 in July 2016, Theresa May has been widely criticised for being robotic, boring and not much fun.

In the view of one scathing critic, she is "as dull as it is possible to be while also leading a major western power".

But her public image could have been even worse if her spin doctors had not stepped in, a new book suggests.

In Betting The House, authors Tim Ross and Tom McTague reveal that early on in her premiership May was urged to come up with some hobbies that might endear her to voters.

"Well, I do really like Sudoku," she replied.

The book tells how the PM’s startled advisers then swung into action.

“Horrified Tory aides regarded such an admission as potentially devastating, the kind of detail that could trigger a tsunami of ridicule, and begged her not to mention her fondness of Japanese number puzzles ever again.”





Picture credit: Press Association.








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