First MP called Darren is first MP to say ‘bants’ in the Commons

Written by Dods staff on 30 October 2017 in Diary

Or should that be 'bantz'?

The MP for Bristol North West has already celebrated being the first politician named Darren to be elected to Parliament.

In his maiden speech, Darren Jones claimed that his name - combined with Bristol’s early evidence of human habitation - made his a "historic and fascinating constituency".

More recently, he became the first male MP to wear nail polish in the Chamber (to raise awareness of modern slavery in nail bars).

And now he has become the first MP to say ‘bants’ in the Commons.

Speaking in a debate on sexual harassment in Westminster, Jones declared: “On the way to this debate I heard two members joking about this issue, asking in humour whether they had fessed up to their sexual harassment.

“As a man I stand up to call that out. It is not ‘bants’, it is unacceptable.”

Bants is an abbreviation of banter, described by the Urban Dictionary as "a term used to justify hilarious yet completely inappropriate and unacceptably abusive behaviour between friends, usually males".

Jones' use of the abbreviated term in the Chamber may alarm Westminster traditionalists. As will the Labour MP's subsequent insistence that Hansard should record his remark as ‘bantz’ rather than ‘bants’.




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