Ed Miliband's ex-aide reveals 'classic' letter from fellow MP

Written by David Singleton on 23 May 2018 in Diary

Stewart Wood is the latest former adviser to offer up an amusing recollection from Ed's time at the top.

Just over three years since Ed Miliband stood down as leader of the Labour party, the curious tales from his glory years are beginning to flow in.

Earlier this month, former Labour adviser (and one-time Total Politics columnist) Ayesha Hazarika told how Miliband was concerned about resembling a badger moments before one session of PMQs:

"One morning we'd prepared six excellent questions on the badger cull. Ed was getting very, very nervous and he kept running his hands through his hair and he had this very dark hair with a tiny little bit of silver in it.

“And just as we were walking into the chamber Ed spun round and he grabbed me and he looked so nervous and he said: 'I've got to ask you something. Just look at me honestly, do you think I look like a badger?'"

Now another former Miliband aide has piled in with another amusing recollection.

Stewart Wood took to Twitter to reveal a letter from a Labour MP, responding Ed Miliband's polite enquiry asking how he was intending to vote in the 2010 Labour leadership election. 

Ian Davidson, who lost his Glasgow North seat in 2015, had replied to Miliband: “I nominated Diane in order to get her on to the ballot paper but have not yet decided how to vote or how to order my preferences.

“As things stand you are at the bottom.

“But things may change.”

For Wood, the correspondence is "a classic that still makes me laugh".





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