Donald Tusk sees a ‘special place in Hell’ for Brexit’s worst offenders

Written by David Singleton on 6 February 2019 in Diary

Watch: Trusk spoke out and then various Brexiteers rose to the bait.

Who would have thought it? Despite various Conservative MPs claiming that they have found a way through on Brexit, Donald Tusk is still sceptical.

At a press conference in Brussels, the president of the European Council blasted the Brexiteers with some force:

“I’ve been wondering what the special place in hell for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it safely.”



His comments suggest that even the Malthouse Compromise is not yet being seen a surefire recipe for Brexit success.

And there was more fun as the president of the European Council prepared to leave the stage....




Naturally, some of the more excitable pro-Brexit MPs reacted rather strongly, with Andrea Jenkins suprising nobody by rising to the bait.

But it was the DUP’s Sammy Wilson who got most carried away.

Wilson showed his maturity by issuing a stern response to the “devilish, trident wielding, euro maniac”. And then suggesting that Brexit was the path to some kind of “paradise”.








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