Chris Grayling’s ‘nihilistic legacy’ gets lawyers in a lather

Written by Rod Muir on 24 January 2019 in Diary

The list of offences by the secretary of state keeps on growing…

Over the years, one man has been accused of various political crimes. And now lawyers have added another one to the charge sheet.

The Times reports that thousands of cases have been disrupted, with trials adjourned and delayed, after the main computer system in England and Wales went down at hundreds of courts.

Apparently, the present IT system began in 2015 when a certain Chris Grayling was Lord Chancellor.

“The unrealistic planning has all the hallmarks of a Grayling project. He has repeated the trick everywhere he has been,” remarked Chris Henley, QC, chairman of the Criminal Bar Association.

“We’ve seen it with the probation contract, private prisons and more recently the railways. We are living with his destructive, nihilistic legacy in all areas of legal aid and the courts.”

That’s what you call a damning indictment. But it could have been worse.

At least the legal eagle didn’t clock the Tory MP’s decision to restrict prisoners’ access to books and his botched criminal court fees, both of which were scrapped by Michael Gove.

And his bizarre bid to sell prison training to Saudi Arabia, his cuts to legal aid for prisoners that were ruled unlawful because they were inherently unfair and his widely criticised rules which meant abused victims in family court hearings had to demonstrate they had been targeted within the past five years to obtain legal aid.

And his recent decision to his decision to award a £13.8m contract to charter extra ferries to a “start-up” company that has no ships…


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