Boris Johnson gets his own Brexit dividend of £95k for two hour speech

Written by Dods staff on 22 November 2018 in Diary

The former foreign secretary spoke to a New York hedge fund earlier this month.

When Theresa May claimed that a 'Brexit dividend' will pay for extra health spending, scepticism abounded. But at least one poilitician seems to be doing ok out of the chaos.

Boris Johnson enjoys an £77,379 yearly salary as MP. Throughout the year, he has also received thousands of pounds for royalties on books already written.

On top of that, he expects to be paid a healthy £22,916.66 a month for his Telegraph scribblings, working out at around £5,000 per article.

But it seems that the Daily Mail can get him for a cheaper price.  Johnson only charged the Daily Mail £2,000 for a recent article, the new parliamentary register of interests reveals.

The register also shows that Johnson has just been paid a whopping £95,000 for a two-hour speech to a New York hedge fund.

The old Etonian’s big-money speech to Goldentree Asset Management puts him above George Osborne and Gordon Brown in the after-dinner earnings league. Osborne was paid just over £85,000 by Citigroup Inc. for two speeches in 2016 after he was sacked from the cabinet. A few years ago, the UAE government paid £63,000 for a speech by Brown.

But Johnson still has some way to go to match his old rival David Cameron, if recent reports are to be believed. Last year, the former prime minister was reportedly paid more than £120,000 for a speech to Wall Street financiers Blackstone Properties that lasted little over an hour.





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