Bellowing Richard Burgon shows his beastly side to Jo Swinson

Written by David Singleton on 16 January 2019 in Diary

Watch: It's not clear why Jeremy Corbyn's lieutantent was quite so agressive... 

In the wake of her thumping Brexit defeat, Theresa May claimed she would discuss a way forward with "senior parliamentarians from across the House".

But since then it has started to look like she has no plans to meet with the leader of the opposition – much to the disgust of MPs such Yvette Cooper who are keen to see some cross-party consensus kicking in.

So why is the PM so appalled by the idea of having a chat with Jeremy Corbyn and his top team?






If May doesn’t have any confidence that Team Corbyn will play nicely, her suspicions may have been confirmed by the behaviour of a certain arch-Corbynite on Channel 4 News.

On the show, Richard Burgon went head-to-head with Jo Swinson – aka one of the nicest people in Westminster.

“We need to have a Peoples Vote… and now we find that is something which enjoys majority support in recent polls across the country,” said Swinson,once again aligning herself with a view held by the vast majority of Labour members.

Burgon responded by swerving off topic and shouting back at Swinson that she would be “judged by history” as a result of her party going into coalition with the Tories.

“You have aided and abetted them to hurt working class communities. I hope that rests well with your conscience,” he hissed.

It fell to Jon Snow to tell Corbyn’s lieutenant a home truth:

“You don’t sound like someone who is trying to marshal more friends in the Commons to help you beat Mrs May... You’re being awfully beastly.

“Why not talk to her nicely? There’s no need to bellow, just say it nicely.”








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