Another week, another EU leader makes fun of Theresa May

Written by David Singleton on 8 October 2018 in Diary

Jean-Claude Juncker's spokesman denied that he was taking the mickey out of May.

When Donald Tusk recently mocked Theresa May’s negotiating strategy on Instragram a few hardcore Brexiteers were outraged.

The president of the European Council published a photo of himself helping the prime minister to a cupcake at a buffet at the Salzburg summit, with the comment: “A piece of cake, perhaps? Sorry, no cherries.”

It came as the UK has been accused of cherrypicking in the EU talks because it wants to stay in the parts of the single market it likes but not the parts it doesn’t like. The barb was also seen as a reference to a running joke in Brussels that Britain wants to have its cake and eat it.

On Twitter, former Brexit secretary Davis Davis' special adviser Stewart Jackson blasted Tusk for “appalling and cheap conduct” and other Brexiteers were smiliarly anngry.





Has Jean-Claude Juncker now upped the ante?

In a speech to the Committee of the Regions, the European Commission president appeared to do a strong impression of Theresa May’s Dancing Queen turn at Tory conference. 

But before hardcore Brexiteers went into a collective meltdown, the European commission’s chief spokesman then insisted that Juncker was not mocking May after all. The dance moves were just an "improvisation on the moment as the music kept playing before he could start his speech," it was claimed.




However Juncker then reverted to type with an attack on eurosceptics saying stupid things.

“In Europe, there is an increasing number of eurosceptics and they tend to be promoting sceptical opinions,” he told the audience. 

“But I think we need to talk to them. I would like to distinguish between those eurosceptics who have questions to ask and opinions to make and those stupid populists. It's not the same thing. 

“We need to distinguish between those stupid populists and the nationalists who have an opinion to put forward.”




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