‘Inflexible’ Jeremy Corbyn unites Tony Blair and Jacob Rees Mogg

Written by David Singleton on 21 January 2019 in Diary

Both men think the Labour leader's Brexit strategy is rubbish for the same reason.

As Theresa May’s unyielding Brexit strategy comes under fire from just about everybody, how is Jeremy Corbyn getting on?

The Labour leader is continuing to ignore his members’ demands for a referendum on the terms of Brexit, while also refusing the prime minister’s offer of talks in Downing Street - and then urging other Labour MPs not to take part either. 

This weekend, Labour’s most successful leader of recent times suggested that Corbyn was missing a trick by not taking up May’s offer. Tony Blair told The Times:

“Why wouldn’t you go in the door, come out on the steps of Downing Street and say, ‘I have had a conversation with her and I’m afraid she doesn’t understand how to resolve this and I do’.”

And now a slightly less successful (so far) Tory MP has echoed Blair’s strategic analysis. Jacob Rees Mogg told LBC:

“The greatest political advantage for [Corbyn] would have been to go in for talks, and then come and say, ‘This was a complete waste of time because ...’ 

“Whereas I think saying no, and setting the pre-condition, then makes Jeremy Corbyn looks inflexible and dogmatic and does not help his opposition.”

TP suspects that a few of the more savvy Labour MPs might agree with both Blair and Rees Mogg.

They may not be fully on board with Rees Mogg’s more contradictory suggestion that “if the Conservative party could reunite with the reasonable elements of Ukip that would be very good news”.




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