Whisky with Thatcher and other tales in new BBC series

Written by Dods staff on 2 February 2018 in Culture

Inside Number 10 starts this Sunday on BBC Parliament.

“It was friendship, it was a good friendship. I became fond of her,” says former cabinet secretary Robert Armstrong of his relationship with Margaret Thatcher.

“I saw her in relaxed moods, as well as the others. She would sometimes come through to me in the Cabinet Office of an evening, come in to my office and sit down, have a glass of whiskey and soda, take off her shoes and chat. So we had that kind of easy friendship.”

Lord Armstrong speaks to journalist Sue Cameron for a new series on BBC Parliament featuring 30 minute interviews with the five living former cabinet secretaries.

Also featuring in the series are Lords Butler, Wilson, Turnbull and O’Donnell. Between the five of them, they have covered the premierships of Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

According to the BBC blub: “In this series the former cabinet secretaries talk openly about the crises they faced - including 9/11, the financial crash, the Falkands War, the Westland Affair - Cabinet splits and speaking truth to power. But life at Number 10 is not all about crisis management as we find out about the intricacies of the prime pinisters’ domestic arrangements including late-night whiskies, the delicate problem of balancing a cup of tea and a cream bun whilst explaining the poll tax - and even making sure the PM had a proper meal in the evening.

“Taking into account the current political climate, they will share their views on the struggles faced by Theresa May as she attempts to reach a Brexit agreement.”

Inside Number 10 is on BBC Parliament from  February to 4 March.




Picture by: PA/PA Archive/PA Images


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