Top Ten hungry politicos

Written by Justin Cash on 28 June 2013 in Culture
From the kitchen to the campaign trail, our politicians show us how to chow down with flair

This article is from the July 2013 issue of Total Politics

David Cameron helps himself to breakfast in Helmand – a rather measly helping for a man shouldering the yolk of Tory splits, but then, he’s got to keep the sunny side up. And what is it again you can’t make an omelette without doing…?

Here comes the plane!

Ed Balls opens up wide as he’s fed curry by TV chef Phil Vickery. The recipe was later distributed to the nation’s schoolchildren as part of a government cookbook, making the then-schools secretary the canary sent down the culinary coalmine.

The apple of my eye…

Even when noshing on an innocent apple, Lord Mandelson just can’t help looking a little bit sinister. But the former business secretary’s stern stare doesn’t seem to be working this time – it looks like he’s achieving the opposite of a growth strategy.

Parliamentary pasties

Putting the scandal to bed once and for all, we present photo evidence that some of our politicians have eaten a pasty. To avoid being caught telling porkies à la Cameron, Devon South West MP Gary Streeter (second from left) has even taken a chunk out of his.

Out of the frying pan

BoJo shows he can handle the heat as he plies his culinary skills at the Taste of London food festival. The journo peering over his shoulder doesn’t seem so sure, but it’s Boris stirring things up again – how bad can it be?

Lonely at the top

Russian President Vladimir Putin receives quite a spread as he visits the flat of a sub officer at Vilyuchinsk submarine base. Although, notably, there’s no sushi in sight, all that colourful food does seem to be glowing suspiciously…

The Bratwurst is yet to come

Cultural proof that we belong firmly in the EU: it seems here, from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s delicate hold on her Bratwurst, that our European neighbours eat their hotdogs just like we drink our tea – with the little finger sticking out.

Having your cake and eating it

Veteran Scottish politician Winnie Ewing grabs a slice of SNP-themed cake on the party’s 75th anniversary in 2009. In homage to the party’s rich Scottish heritage, we’re guessing it’s either haggis or Mars Bar gateau…

Too hot to handle?

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond samples the porridge breakfast on offer at St Mary’s Primary School, Edinburgh. It’s hard to tell from his expression – it could be too hot, it could be too cold or it could be just right.

Flip flop

At last year’s annual parliamentary pancake race in Westminster, BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson seems to be giving the Earl of Listowel a battering – or has he just spotted a potential scoop in the distance..? Onwards to No 10!

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