Top ten double-barrelled MPs

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Why have one, when two look better on the official correspondence? As for four… The bigger the better

- The MP for Durham added her husband’s surname, Blackman, to her own in 2004, to avoid being confused with a Liberal Democrat candidate named Woods. Hailing from Northern Ireland, Blackman-Woods is a professor in social policy, and is a shadow communities minister.

Jacob Rees-Mogg - Son of the former editor of The Times, Jacob named his son Peter Theodore Alphoge after ‘the first anti-taxation martyr’, and has become a cult hero in the Commons. Rees-Mogg was married to Helena de Chair, daughter of late Tory MP Somerset de Chair, in 2007 in a wedding service conducted partly in Latin.

Ian Liddell-Grainger - A former farmer, and major in the Territorial Army, Liddell-Grainger is the great-great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria. His mother, Anne Liddell-Grainger, was born in Kensington Palace. His ‘cat’ writes a blog called ‘Mogg the Blog’ on Liddell-Grainger’s official website.

Freeman Freeman-Thomas - Originally named Freeman Thomas, he changed his surname to Freeman-Thomas in 1892. He served as governor general of both Canada and India, and his ashes are buried at Westminster Abbey, in the nave alongside Neville Chamberlain and Clement Attlee. Freeman-Thomas was the Liberal MP for Hastings from 1900–06, and for Bodmin from 1906–10.

Aretas Akers-Douglas - He was the Conservative MP for East Kent (1880–85), for St Augustine (1885–1911), and home secretary under Arthur Balfour. Akers-Douglas was born simply Aretas Akers. In 1875, he took the additional surname of Douglas, supposedly as part of a late relative’s will.

John Moore-Brabazon - Aviation pioneer Moore-Brabazon is believed to have made the first live-cargo flight in 1909. He tied a waste-paper basket containing a pig to the wing of his plane – to prove that pigs could fly. He was Conservative MP for Chatham from 1918–29, and for Wallasey from 1931–42.

Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax - Known simply as Richard Drax to avoid confusion – or, as some suspect, in an attempt to ‘de-toff’. His second wife, Eliza, is listed in Debrett’s, while his grandfather is thought to be the inspiration for Bond villain Hugo Drax. The MP lives in the stately home Charborough House.

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown - He is the second Geoffrey Clifton-Brown to have sat in the Commons, the first sitting in the House from 1945–50. He is related to former Speakers Douglas Clifton-Brown, who served from 1943–51, and Harry Hylton-Foster (1959–65).

Huw Irranca-Davies - Originally known as Huw Davies, modern MP Huw co-opted his wife’s maiden name when they married. A former lecturer in tourism, he was elected to the House of Commons on Valentine’s Day 2002. Huw is the nephew of the late former MP for Gower Ifor Davies.

Lord Ninian Edward Crichton-Stuart - Lieutenant-colonel Crichton-Stuart was killed in the Battle of Loos in the First World War. There is a heraldic shield in the House of Commons chamber commemorating his death. As MP for Cardiff from 1910–15, Cardiff City Football Club’s former homeground, Ninian Park, was named after him.

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