Top ten baby photo ops

Written by Justin Cash on 27 November 2013 in Culture
Baby kissing on the campaign trail is said to be a sure-fire way to win support come election time. Here are our top ten tiny tot photo ops

Former PM Gordon Brown swoops down on a youngster at a Yorkshire playgroup, proving that the battle for hearts and minds really does start young. Who says politicians don’t know how to have fun?

Put ’em up! (above)
Eight-month-old Ryan Smith seems like he’s looking for a high five from a beaming Tony Blair here. Let’s hope the former prime minister didn’t leave him hanging at this Downing Street parent and child breakfast event.

The master at work
Showing politicos everywhere how it’s done, Barack Obama navigates the crowds at a town hall meeting in Iowa, finding this five-month-old in their midst. Surrounded by cameras, Obama delivers the picture perfect baby kiss moment.

Centre stage (below)
In Walthamstow, north London, this tot steals the show from Labour Party deputy leader Harriet Harman. As Harman got up close and personal with the mothers, the youngster got up close and personal with the photographers.

Karate kid (above)
Infamous for getting into bouts of fisticuffs himself, John Prescott is this time on the receiving end of a well-aimed left hand. The child can’t seem to decide on his party allegiance either; he’s got shades of red, blue, yellow and green in that glam jumpsuit of his.

Youth vote
There’s a general election to be fought and votes to be won, and that means it’s time to grab a baby and find the nearest camera. Here’s David Cameron on the campaign trail in 2010, with one of Tamworth’s happiest looking residents. Sadly for the Tory leader, this one is too young to vote.

Groovy, baby
What’s more interesting, Michael Howard or a photographer’s camera? This little one seems to have decided it’s the latter. Or he’s just photo shy and wants it away from him. Either way, he’s been caught in a funky pose.

Daddy cool
Casual as you like, this young lad soaks up attention from Silvio Berlusconi. His nonchalant reversed cap, baggy shirt and glance to side of camera are just effortlessly cool...unlike Berlusconi’s slightly cheesy grin.

Open wide! (above)
In spite of his reputation as a dour Scot, Gordon Brown looks pleased as punch to meet tots at Durham’s Laurel Avenue Primary School. Surrounded by such playfulness, it’d be hard not to break into a smile. This 18-month-old here looks like he’s in safe hands at any rate – Brown doubtless knows the ropes with two young boys of his own to look after.

A sure start (left)
Ed Balls greets a mother and child at a preschool group in Essex. Something about the shadow chancellor seems to have caught the child’s attention. Maybe it’s the strength of his avuncular handshake, or maybe she and her mother were true reds to begin with.

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