Top ten awkward Boris moments

Written by Sebastian Mann on 2 April 2012 in Culture
It wasn’t easy, but we managed it. We’ve selected the ten most toe-curling moments in Boris’s recent past

On his way to give evidence before the home affairs select committee inquiry into last year’s riots, Boris tactfully juxtaposed the seriousness of the hearing with the silliness of his headgear. We can only hope he took it off before he got to Parliament.

We’ve all had a few
Looking like the guy who gets dragged along to the party when all really he wants to do is stay home and watch Casualty, Boris celebrates St George’s Day with David Cameron and two men dressed as knights. Lads on tour.

Eng-ger-land, En-ger-land, En-ger-land
Two days before England’s abysmal performance against Algeria in the 2010 World Cup, Boris shows his patriotic side in a pair of sunglasses that aren’t made of glass and don’t protect your eyes from the sun. All in the line of duty.

Kung Fu Panda
Boris struts his stuff at International Paralympic Day last year, proving that, table or no table, he is capable of looking silly playing tennis. With idiosyncratic panache, Boris looks set to flying-kick the tennis ball out the court.

I am man!
Heralding the launch of a Tokyo-inspired ‘scramble crossing’ scheme, which allows pedestrians to cross West End interchanges diagonally as well as laterally, Boris brandishes a large, fluffy drumstick at the crowd – universally acknowledged to be a sign of extreme manliness.

Hop off, now
Boris attends a press conference with London’s transport commissioner Peter Hendy to announce the launch of the new Routemaster bus design. This will reintroduce the much-missed ‘hop-on hop-off’ service – which Boris and Peter seem suitably enthusiastic about.

The British are coming!
Boris meets with veterans in uniform during a Veterans’ Day celebration in 2008. We know what was really going on here – but it looks as though Boris thought it was a coup.


Excuse me?
Boris poses alongside cast members of West End musical Priscilla: Queen of the Desert to promote a new initiative celebrating entertainment and shopping in the West End. As is so often the case with Boris, we can only speculate as to what elicited the bemused expression.

He shoots...
Boris shoots a hoop on the campaign trail in 2008, while LBC Radio extends a micro­phone, as if to catch a stray grunt. Did this level of concentration and delicate poise help Boris triumph over Ken the following week?


And it’s Johnson in the back of the net! Boris took promotion of the summer initiative ‘Playsport London: FreeSport’ – launched in 2010 to encourage Londoners to get active – rather seriously as he sought to thrash the school children he was playing against.

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