Theresa May breaks America, but not in a good way

Written by James Millar on 17 December 2018 in Culture

A-list stars join skit sending up the Prime Minister's woes on iconic US comedy show Saturday Night Live

Theresa May's continuing political problems have at least raised her profile internationally. It's hard to believe Oscar winner Matt Damon would join in a comedy sketch ridiculing her if everything was going swimmingly.

But that's what's happened, with the British PM the subject of an unflattering sketch on US comedy behemoth Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Kate McKinnon, star of Ghostbusters and more used to playing Hillary Clinton on SNL, took on the role of Theresa May. The sketch opened with her doing a stiff dance with a troupe of British bobbies before she invited former PM David Cameron, played by Damon, and Lord Voldemort to join her by the fireside. Matt Damon's Cameron character tells her, "You know what's funny? People hate me, but they really hate you. Even though I did Brexit. I mean, you've got to laugh."

Elton John, played by Aidy Bryant, also appears to present the PM with gifts that all turn out to be poo.



Remarkably it's not just the Americans who've been enjoying a laugh at Theresa May's expense. German satirical programme Heute Show named the UK it's 'Golden Dumbass of the Year'  in its 2018 review describing the nation as 'the most confused island in the world' and comparing Brexit to a sickness.



Both sketches received a warm welcome online with commenters describing them as 'hilarious' and praising Kate McKinnon's impersonation of the PM.

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