Sean Spicer keeps up the bad work with his new book

Written by James Millar on 25 July 2018 in Culture

Former White House communications chief Sean Spicer's tome has been universally panned

A year after stepping down as President Trump's spokesman Sean Spicer has published a book about his time in the White House.

Trouble is, like his notorious press briefings, it's not being taken seriously.

Right at the start of his tenure Spicer famously claimed that the crowds at Trump's inauguration outnumbered those that turned out to see President Obama sworn in despite pictures that clearly showed otherwise.

His book, The Briefing - Politics, the Press and the President, has been met with similar derision. Its been criticised for a lack of insight and for failing to admit any failings on the part of the Trump administration. In one of the oddest passages Spicer describes Donald Trump as "a unicorn riding a unicorn over a rainbow".

The Telegraph review said it "reeks of desperation", the Washington Post described Spicer as "bumbling" and the Independent wrote him off as a "buffoon" after reading the book.


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