Rehman Chishti MP: 'I'd be Sherlock Holmes'

Written by Rehman Chishti MP on 18 July 2013 in Culture
The Tory MP for Gillingham and Rainham lets us in on his reading habits

This article is from the July 2013 issue of Total Politics

I’m a big fan of John Grisham, especially The Innocent Man. My background is in law, so I was enthralled by this legal thriller, which tells the story of Ron Williamson and his battle for justice. It's based on a true story.

What’s your least favourite?

I’m not a big fan of horror books. 

What’s your favourite political biography?

Daughter of Destiny: An Autobiography by Benazir Bhutto, for whom I previously worked as an adviser until her tragic assassination in 2007. She was the first female prime minister in Pakistan’s history, and had a lasting impact on the country and the international community. She made Pakistan a more moderate country, tied into the international community. 

Whom would you like to write a political biography about?

I’d like to write about John F Kennedy, another leader who was well-respected, but whose political career unfortunately came to an end before its time.

What was your favourite children’s book?

When I was young I enjoyed reading about the adventures of Toad, Ratty, Mole and Badger in The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.   

What’s the most inspiring book you've ever read?

Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. He showed vision, determination and a commitment to one’s own belief.

What’s your favourite political novel?

Although it may be another biography, I really admired reading Margaret Thatcher’s memoirs. They give a detailed, first-hand account of the challenges she faced in Downing Street.   

Name the most significant book of the last 10 years

I've been greatly inspired by Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus, who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. He created a system of micro-credit to lend small amounts of money to the poor in Bangladesh. It is now a system that's used worldwide, and has helped in the fight against global poverty. 

What would you like to write a book about?

I'd like to write about Gillingham in Kent, where I grew up. The area has strong naval and military ties, and is steeped in history. Now, as the MP for the constituency, I have the honour of representing my hometown in Parliament.

Which fictional character would you be?

Sherlock Holmes, because I admire his reasoning skills and ability to solve difficult crimes.

Rehman Chishti is Conservative MP for Gillingham and Rainham

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