For the record: Kerry McCarthy MP

Written by Kerry McCarthy MP on 21 October 2013 in Culture
The Labour MP for Bristol East lets us in on her listening habits

Dirk Wears White Sox, the first Adam and the Ants album, much darker than his later pantomime stuff. This was when I first got a group of friends who liked the same music as me.

The first record I bought…

Hotel California by the Eagles, from my mum’s Littlewoods catalogue. Obviously before I discovered John Peel.

My favourite record…

Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division. I saw an orchestral thing, Joy Division Reworked, at the Southbank in September. I didn’t like it, although everyone else seemed to.

What I play if I’ve had a bad day…

Everything Flows by Teenage Fanclub. There’s something very reassuring about the way it chugs along. Or, to blast everything away, You Trip Me Up by the Jesus and Mary Chain.

The most political record I own…

Is Change is Gonna Come more or less political than Anarchy in the UK? Does Gil Scott Heron trump the Clash? But I guess you can’t get much more political than Crass, so I’ll say Bloody Revolutions.

The most recent record bought or downloaded…

Just downloaded Factory Floor by Factory Floor, Slow Focus by Fuck Buttons, and Feeling Mortal by Kris Kristofferson. I saw him live at Union Chapel last week. A 77 year old legend.

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