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Written by Charlotte Henry on 28 January 2014 in Culture
Charlotte Henry updates her political image in an instant

Pictures paint a thousand words, and all too often political campaign snaps are generic, dull and uninspiring. Looking glum and pointing at potholes can only get you so far.

Instagram has long been considered solely the domain of hipsters and wannabe TV chefs, but there may also be a use for the photo-sharing and filtering tool in campaigning. The image-swapping app, which is free on iOS and Android phones, allows users to edit images using filters and effects, making them more interesting and engaging.

You don’t have to post pictures only taken in the app, either.  Shots stored elsewhere on your phone, or in Cloud services like Dropbox, can be uploaded via this handy attachment.

The Twitteratti will be used to adding hashtags to posts, and the same is possible on Instagram, so your images are searchable. Users can also be followed, just as they are on Twitter, and you can share videos of up to 15 seconds on Instagram, which is a brilliantly easy, fast way to post the killer soundbites you so carefully constructed.

And it’s easy to cross-post your works of photographic art onto your other social network channels. With huge numbers of young people using the service, these features can help you introduce your campaign to a whole new pool of voters and/or supporters. Say “Thanks, Systrom and Krieger”.

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