Introducing... the Jeremy Corbyn musical!

Written by Seb Whale on 22 January 2016 in Culture
New show by Rupert Myers and Bobby Friedman inspired by motorcycle holiday that Labour's leader reportedly took with Diane Abbott in the 1970s.

Much has been written and spoken about Jeremy Corbyn since he secured a landslide victory in the Labour leadership contest last year.

Now the Labour leader is set to be sung about too... with a new musical coming to a London theatre.

Corbyn the Musical: The Motorcycle Diaries is surmised as a "no-holds barred political satire".

The brainchild of writers Rupert Myers and Bobby Friedman, it focuses on Corbyn facing a nuclear crisis with Russia and sheds light on a motorcycle holiday he reportedly took with Labour MP Diane Abbott in East Germany during the 1970s.

“James Bond meets the Kama Sutra” and “The Book of Mormon meets The Thick of It” are just some of the ways the writers have tried to capture the play’s essence.

Myers, columnist for the Daily Telegraph and GQ political correspondent, told the BBC of the plot:

"Basically, Jeremy Corbyn faces an imminent nuclear crisis with Russia, and the secret of unlocking this lies in his past.

"It's a drama about what happened on that journey, and what helps in that situation."


The musical is being staged at Waterloo East Theatre in April and Myers hopes Corbyn will attend one of the 12 performances of the 95-minute play.

But the Labour leader is not the only politician to receive the satirical wrath of the writers. The characters of Boris Johnson, Tony Blair and Ed Miliband are all set to feature. Myers said:

"We want it to be a play that takes a shot at everybody. There will be characters from right across the political spectrum."




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