Comedy review: The Look of Moron

Written by Sebastian Whale on 15 October 2015 in Culture
Comedian Geoff Norcott embraces his Tory leanings in a provocative political routine

In a tumultuous political environment, rife with trolling, egging and even spitting, it takes a brave soul to disclose on a public platform that you voted Conservative in two consecutive elections.

It takes a braver person still to do it with a microphone in one hand and a set list full of segments on the merits of privatisation in the NHS and arguments in favour of public sector cuts. Gulp.

But for comedian Geoff Norcott - a veteran of hostile environments after performing to troops in Afghanistan on numerous occasions - this is a challenge he seeks to embrace.

Bringing his 'Look of Moron' routine to central London after a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe, Norcott begins with self-deprecating observations and lively audience interaction.

Norcott really enters into his stride when he turns to politics - it’s clear current affairs is where the Londoner gets his kicks - explaining why voting Tory does not necessarily equate to being a rabid eurosceptic with a penchant for burgeoning inequality.

Of course it would not be a contemporary political comedy routine without the occasional #piggate reference, one too lurid to make this particular write-up.

That’s not to say the gags are cheap. Norcott’s house building metaphor, seeking to highlight the need for both a left and right wing, lands some weighty blows on Labour’s new leader.

Jeremy Corbyn is the “foreman that none of them wanted but they’re stuck with him” and the “art teacher you expected did acid”.

Coupled with Corbyn's partner in crime John McDonnell, Norcott points out the irony of “two white elderly men” being the answer to the criticism of there being “too many white middle aged men in politics”.

Speaking to TP after the show, Norcott expresses relief that his segment on the NHS was well received by a predominantly liberal audience. He had audaciously suggested care should end when you reach 80 or face X Factor style survival. It wasn't serious policy proposal, he insists. 

Norcott’s routine is daring, sharp-witted, and though ostensibly divisive he emerges unscathed and unloathed by his audience – a feat likely to be envied by some senior Tories.


The Look of Moron is showing at the Museum of Comedy in Holborn on Wednesday 21 October. Buy two-for-one tickets with promo code norcott2for1 here.


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