Angela Eagle set to publish a book on the 'new serfdom' of working life

Written by James Millar on 17 July 2017 in Culture

Labour big beast's new work will look at why aspiration and working life has become a 'cruel joke'

Angela Eagle is working on a book looking that has already been dubbed "one of the most important books of next year".

The former Treasury minister and one time Labour leadership challenger is to examine modern British life including work, home ownership, education and inequality in the tome to be titled 'The New Serfdom'. She will argue that falling real wages, underemployment, poor education and exploitative working practices are creating a situation akin to medieval serfdom when people worked for landowners rather than for themselves.

Imran Ahmed, a Labour special advisor to both Eagle and Hilary Benn in the past, is believed to be co-authoring the book due for release in spring 2018.

The press release from publishers Biteback claims the authors will look at why so many people feel left behind and don't feel politics and politicians can help them. Eagle is expected to offer solutions to build a competitive economy employing happy and productive workers. 

Ian Dale, owner of political publishers Biteback, said: "When trust in the institutions of state has never been lower, this critical and far-reaching book is more needed than ever. This may well turn out to be one of the most important books of next year."



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