Speech on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Ann Widdecombe/1988

Category: Transport - Railways

Peter Kilfoyle's speech against national missile defence

Peter Kilfoyle, 18/01/2002

Category: Defence

Sir George Young, 17/01/2002

Category: Transport - Railways

President Kennedy, speaking at American University, propose a moratorium on above-ground nuclear testing, Washington, D.C.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 10/06/1963

Category: Nuclear Disarmament

Hillary Rodham Clinton addresses the fourth UN World Conference on Women, Beijing, China

Hillary Clinton, 05/09/1993

Category: Women

Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter speaks of growing up behind an "Invisible Wall of Racial Segregation," Los Angeles, CA

Jimmy Carter, 01/06/1976

Category: Race

On September 30 1976 Enoch Powell gave this address to South Kensington Young Conservatives, exploring the reasons for his rupture from the Conservative Party. In the context of the 1990s, Powell's concluding sentence is especially significant.

Enoch Powell, 30/09/1976

Category: Conservatism, Eurosceptic, Race

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