Ethical boundaries and the Medical Revolution

Liam Fox/09/2000

Category: Health Service

Listening to Britain's Churches

William Hague/11/1998

Category: Conservatism, Religion

Millennium Blues: The Third Wilberforce Address

Charles Moore/10/1999

Category: Conservatism, Religion

Conservatism and Christianity: the Fourth Wilberforce Address

Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach/11/2000

Category: Conservatism, Religion

Dimbleby Lecture on the Struggle for the Soul of the 21st Century

Bill Clinton

Category: Religion

We Shall Overcome Speech

Lyndon Johnson, 15/03/1965

Category: Race

Radio and Television Address to the American People on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 26/07/1963

Category: Nuclear Disarmament

Radio and Television Report to the American People on Civil Rights

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 11/06/1963

Category: Race

Speech on Healthcare

Edward Kennedy, 28/04/2002

Category: Health Service

Speech on Pensions

Professor Steve Webb, 04/06/2003

Category: Pensions

Rivers of Blood Speech

Enoch Powell, 22/04/1968

Category: Most Memorable Speeches, Race

Speech on Fox Hunting

John Major/12/2000

Category: Hunting

Speech on Abortion

Ann Widdecombe/1987

Category: Abortion

Speech on Capital Punishment to the 1978 Conservative Party Conference

Ann Widdecombe/10/1978

Category: Conservative Party Conference (General Speeches), Capital Punishment

Speech to Conservative Party Conference 1998

Ann Widdecombe/10/1998

Category: Conservative Party Conference (General Speeches), Health Service

Speech on Fox Hunting

Ann Widdecombe/11/1997

Category: Hunting

Speech on Christian Capitalism

Ann Widdecombe/01/1999

Category: Religion

Speech on the Ordination of Women

Ann Widdecombe/1993

Category: Religion

Maiden Speech in the House of Commons

Ann Widdecombe/10/1987

Category: Defence

Speech on Equality in Education

Ann Widdecombe/06/1971

Category: Education, Equality

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