David Cameron's speech to the Local Government Association

David Cameron, 29/06/2011

Category: Pensions

Universities and Science Minister the Rt Hon David Willetts MP delivers a speech on higher education at Oxford Brookes University

David Willetts, 10/06/2010

Category: Education

Standing on the shoulders of giants - How we can make education reform add up

Michael Gove, 02/03/2010

Category: Education

Conference 2009 Speech by the Secretary of State for Defence

Bob Ainsworth, 01/10/2009

Category: Labour Party Conference (General Speeches), Defence

Conference 2009 Speech by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Yvette Cooper, 28/09/2009

Category: Labour Party Conference (General Speeches), Education, Pensions

Conference 2009 Speech by Shadow Equalities Minister

Lynne Featherstone, 23/09/2009

Category: Liberal Democrat Conference (General Speeches), Equality, Poverty, Race, Religion, Women

Speech in support of David Davis, Hull

Bob Geldof, 04/07/2008

Category: Crime, Terrorism

Conference Speech 2009 on the future of the NHS

Norman Lamb, 20/09/2009

Category: Liberal Democrat Conference (General Speeches), Health Service

Party Conference Speech 2004

David Davis, 06/10/2004

Category: Conservative Party Conference (General Speeches), Crime

Speech to the Liberal Assembly 1986 on Defence

Simon Hughes, 23/09/1986

Category: Liberal Democrat Conference (General Speeches), Defence

Speech on the Commonwealth Immigration Bill in the House of Lords

Violet Bonham Carter, 29/02/1968

Category: Race

The false religion of politics

Peter Hitchens/10/1999

Category: Religion

'Beyond the Causes of Crime

Oliver Letwin/01/2002

Category: Crime

Spring Harvest Speech at Minehead

William Hague/04/2000

Category: Religion

The Third Way: Sacred or Secular?

Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach/11/1999

Category: Religion

Conservative faith communities conference speech

William Hague/11/2000

Category: Religion

The Reality of Poverty

David Willetts/01/2002

Category: Poverty

Conservatives: the party for the vulnerable

Iain Duncan Smith/03/2002

Category: Poverty

New weapons in the war against poverty

David McLetchie/05/2002

Category: Poverty

The Christian essence of Conservatism

Lord Hailsham/02/1992

Category: Conservatism, Religion

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