David Cameron's speech to the Lord Mayor's Banquet

David Cameron, 14/11/2011

Category: Foreign Policy

Douglas Alexander: speech to RUSI on the arab spring

Douglas Alexander, 10/10/2011

Category: Foreign Policy

Vince Cable's speech to the Istanbul finance summit

Vince Cable, 28/09/2011

Category: Foreign Policy

William Hague on the role of the Foreign Office

William Hague, 09/09/2011

Category: Foreign Policy

Conference 2009 Speech by the Foreign Secretary

David Miliband, 01/10/2009

Category: Foreign Policy, Labour Party Conference (General Speeches), Labour Politics (General)

Welcoming the UN

Clement Attlee/01/1945

Category: United Nations

Speech in the House of Commons on Foreign Affairs

Paddy Ashdown, 25/04/2001

Category: Foreign Policy

Speech to the United Nations

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 20/09/1963

Category: United Nations

Speech to the United Nations

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 25/09/1961

Category: United Nations

Speech on Future Directions in British Foreign Policy

Michael Ancram, 04/11/2003

Category: Foreign Policy

Speech to Conservative Conference 2003

Michael Ancram, 08/10/2003

Category: Foreign Policy, Conservative Party Conference (General Speeches)

Speech on Europe & the World

Michael Howard, 03/02/2003

Category: Foreign Policy, European Union (General)

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