The Queen's address to Parliament on her Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II, 20/03/2012

Category: Monarchy, British Politics General

David Cameron's speech on support for life sciences

David Cameron, 05/12/2011

Category: Statements

Liam Fox's statement on defence responsibilities

Liam Fox, 11/10/2011

Category: Statements

David Cameron speech on immigration

David Cameron, 10/10/2011

Category: Statements

Nick Clegg speech on free schools

Nick Clegg, 05/09/2011

Category: Statements

Joint statement on Syria from the prime minister, President Sarkozy and Chancellor Merkel

David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy, 18/08/2011

Category: Statements

Theresa May on the need for police reform

Theresa May, 16/08/2011

Category: Statements

David Cameron's statement on the riots

David Cameron, 10/08/2011

Category: Statements

David Cameron's statement on media and the police

David Cameron, 20/07/2011

Category: Statements

David Cameron's statement on phone hacking

David Cameron, 13/07/2011

Category: Statements

Statement by Jeremy Hunt regarding the proposed merger of NewsCorp and BSkyB

Jeremy Hunt, 11/07/2011

Category: Statements

Foreign Secretary speaks at unveiling of statue of former US President Ronald Reagan

William Hague, 04/07/2011

Category: Statements

David Cameron's statement on the death of Christopher Shale

David Cameron, 26/06/2011

Category: Statements

David Willetts delivers his first keynote speech as Minister for Universities and Science

David Willetts, 20/05/2010

Category: Statements

Business Secretary Vince Cable speaks at Cass Business School

Vincent Cable, 03/06/2010

Category: Statements

Speech on an Australian Republic

Paul Keating, 07/06/1995

Category: Monarchy, Australian Politics

Response to the BSE Inquiry

John Major/10/2000

Category: Statements

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