Closing Speech Conference 2009, Speech by the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

Harriet Harman, 01/10/2009

Category: Inspiration, Labour Party Conference (General Speeches), Labour Politics (General)

Conference 2009 Speech by the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (and Equalities Minister)

Harriet Harman, 30/09/2009

Category: Inspiration

Conference 2009 Speech by the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Skills

Peter Mandelson, 28/09/2009

Category: Inspiration, Labour Party Conference (General Speeches), Business & Commerce, Labour Politics (General)

Conference 2009 Speech by Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party

Nick Clegg, 23/09/2009

Category: Leadership, Liberal Democrat Conference (Leader's Speeches), Liberal Politics (General)

Address To Bali Memorial Service

John Howard, 17/10/2002

Category: Tributes, Terrorism

Excerpts from Clinton's Speech at a Ceremony in Oak Bluff, Massachusetts, on the 35th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" Speech

Bill Clinton, 28/08/1998

Category: Tributes

Speech on the death of Martin Luther King

Robert Kennedy, 04/04/1968

Category: Tributes

Tribute to President Kennedy

Edward Kennedy

Category: Tributes

Creative Society Speech

Ronald Reagan, 19/04/1966

Category: Inspiration

I Have a Dream Speech

Martin Luther King, 28/08/1963

Category: Inspiration, Most Memorable Speeches

Tribute to Neville Chamberlain

Winston Churchill, 12/11/1940

Category: Tributes

Speech announcing candidacy for Conservative Party leadership

Michael Howard, 31/10/2003

Category: Leadership

Ronald Reagan leads the nation in mourning for the seven astronauts killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion, Washington, D.C.

Ronald Reagan, 28/01/1986

Category: Inspiration, Tragedy & Disaster

British troops waiting to attack Iraq have been told to behave like liberators rather than conquerors.

Colonel Tim Collins, 15/03/2003

Category: Leadership, War on Iraq

President Bill Clinton speaks at the annual White House prayer breakfast for clergy following his testimony and address to the nation on the Monica Lewinsky affair, Washington, D.C.

Bill Clinton, 11/09/1998

Category: Scandal

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