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A great country ought not to make little wars.

Duke of Wellington

Category: English Identity, War

Tags: Duke of Wellington, English Identity, Policy, War, World Politics

I don't know what effect these men will have on the enemy, but by God, they frighten me.

Duke of Wellington

Category: Defence, War

Tags: Defence, Duke of Wellington, Policy, War, World Politics

Quite the most Christian thing that has happened in my lifetime is the Welfare State.

Donald Soper

Category: Welfare

Tags: Donald Soper, Policy, Welfare

I certainly did not say I would refuse to employ anybody becaue he had expressed himself in a hostile manner towards nationalisation. What I said was that I would not appoint somebody to a board if he had expressed himself as being against the provisions of the Bill and had declared that nationalisation was bound to prove a failure.

Emanuel Shinwell 23/06/1947

Category: Nationalisation

Tags: Emanuel Shinwell, Nationalisation, Policy

If peace cannot be maintained with honour then it is not peace.

Lord John Russell

Category: Peace

Tags: Lord John Russell, Peace, Policy

Long after the words that we utter in the hurry of the moment are buried in oblivion by us they are chrished and brought up against us by the nations we offend.

Lord Rosebery

Category: Diplomacy

Tags: Diplomacy, Lord Rosebery, Policy

Is it not a fact that the weapon in the armoury of the iRA is capital punishment?

Reverend Ian Paisley 17/12/1990

Category: Capital Punishment, IRA Terrorism, Northern Ireland

Tags: Capital Punishment, Government, IRA Terrorism, Miscellaneous, Northern Ireland, Policy, Reverend Ian Paisley

When I am asked by Who's Who what my interests are I put DIY and gardening. Then I hope my wife won't read it.

Tony Newton 03/05/1992

Category: Leisure

Tags: Leisure, Policy, Tony Newton

I do not believe that law can exist without sanctions.

Lord Hailsham

Category: Rule of Law

Tags: Lord Hailsham, Policy, Rule of Law

We believe that unless we give opportunity to the strong and able, we shall never have the means to provide real protection for the weak and the old.

Harold Macmillan

Category: Old Age, Welfare

Tags: Harold Macmillan, Old Age, Policy, Welfare

I would die for my country, but I could never allow my country to die for me.

Neil Kinnock

Explaining his support for CND

Category: Nuclear Disarmament

Tags: Neil Kinnock, Nuclear Disarmament, Policy

Politicians come and go, but medicine goes on for ever.

Lord Horder

Category: Health Issues, Politicians (as a species)

Tags: Health Issues, Lord Horder, Policy, Politicians (as a species), Politics

One of the problems of our society is that we spend too much time thinking about punishment and not enough about prevention.

Roy Hattersley 17/12/1990

Category: Justice & Sentencing, Rule of Law

Tags: Justice & Sentencing, Policy, Roy Hattersley, Rule of Law

Law is, of course, in a sense, no more than a gigantic confidence trick. If enough people did not obey the law it would be totally unenforceable.

Lord Hailsham

Category: Rule of Law

Tags: Lord Hailsham, Policy, Rule of Law

The internal peace of every country depends upon the knowledge that force is available to uphold law.

Edward Grey

Category: Rule of Law

Tags: Edward Grey, Policy, Rule of Law

There is no security for any power unless it be a security in which its neighbours have an equal share.

Edward Grey

Category: Defence

Tags: Defence, Edward Grey, Policy

No one has yet been able to find a method of depriving a British jury of its privilege of returning a perverse verdict.

Lord Goddard 1955

Category: Justice & Sentencing

Tags: Justice & Sentencing, Lord Goddard, Policy

Here is my first principle in foreign policy; good government at home.

William Ewart Gladstone

Category: Foreign Policy (British)

Tags: Foreign Policy (British), Policy, William Ewart Gladstone

I can assure you that there is no question of us throwing away the tradition of the Grammar Schools.

Hugh Gaitskell 1958

Category: Education

Tags: Education, Hugh Gaitskell, Policy

We have many times led Europe in the fight for freedom. It would be an ignoble end to our long history if we tamely accepted to perish by degrees.

Anthony Eden

Category: Europe & Britain

Tags: Anthony Eden, Europe & Britain, Policy

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Working with a team is not her strong point.

David Howell

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