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I do not share the general view that market forces are the basis of personal liberty.

Tony Benn 22/11/1990

Category: Freedom & Liberty

Tags: Freedom & Liberty, Ideologies, Tony Benn

I don't want to commit myself in advocating a definite republican constitution which will get bogged down with the question of who would elect the President and when.

Tony Benn 20/05/1963

Category: Republicanism (in Britain)

Tags: Ideologies, Republicanism (in Britain), Tony Benn

If you begin to consider yourself solely responsible to a political party, you're half-way to a dictatorship.

Clement Attlee

Category: Dictatorship & Tyranny

Tags: Clement Attlee, Dictatorship & Tyranny, Ideologies

We have shown that orderly planning and freedom are not incompatible.

Clement Attlee 17/02/1950

Category: Labour Governments, Freedom & Liberty

Tags: Clement Attlee, Freedom & Liberty, Government, Ideologies, Labour Governments

The saddest illusion of revolutionary socialists is that revolution itself will transform the nature of human beings.

Shirley Williams

Category: Revolution

Tags: Ideologies, Revolution, Shirley Williams

Industry cannot flow unless cpaital is confident, and capital will not be confident as long as it fears that Parliament will meddle with it and walk off with its profits.

Lord Salisbury

Category: Capitalism, Industry & Business

Tags: Capitalism, Economics, Ideologies, Industry & Business, Lord Salisbury

What the wise men promised hasn't happened and what all the damned fools said would happen, has happened.

Lord Melbourne 1829

On Catholic emancipation.

Category: Catholicism, Northern Ireland

Tags: Catholicism, Government, Ideologies, Lord Melbourne, Northern Ireland

The real test of one's belief in the doctrine of Habeas Corpus is not when one demands its application on behalf of one's friends but of one's enemies.

Clement Attlee

Category: Freedom & Liberty

Tags: Clement Attlee, Freedom & Liberty, Ideologies

Russian Communism is the illegitimate child of Karl Marx and Catherine the Great.

Clement Attlee 1956

Category: Communism

Tags: Clement Attlee, Communism, Ideologies

The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by its minorities.

Lord Acton 1877

Category: Freedom & Liberty

Tags: Freedom & Liberty, Ideologies, Lord Acton

The cock may crow but it's the hen that lays the egg.

Margaret Thatcher

Category: Feminism

Tags: Feminism, Ideologies, Margaret Thatcher

I have never consciously exploited the fact that I am a woman. I wouldn't dare try that even if I knew how to. I have too much respect for my male colleagues to think they would be particualrly impressed.

Barbara Castle 05/10/1969

Category: Flirtation, Feminism

Tags: Barbara Castle, Feminism, Flirtation, Ideologies, Miscellaneous

I do not regard the swing to Thatcherism - as it has been called - as more than a passing phenomenon in the evolution of the Conservative Party.

James Prior

Category: Thatcherism

Tags: Ideologies, James Prior, Thatcherism

As usual, the Liberals offer a mixture of sound and original ideas. Unfortunately, none of the sound ideas is original, and none of the original ideas is sound.

Harold Macmillan 1961

Category: Insulting Liberals, Ideas

Tags: Harold Macmillan, Ideas, Ideologies, Insulting Liberals, Insults

If politicians would think more they would act less.

Marquess of Halifax

Category: Ideas

Tags: Ideas, Ideologies, Marquess of Halifax

I am the kind of woman I would run away from.

Nancy Astor

Category: Feminism

Tags: Feminism, Ideologies, Nancy Astor

the number of people who really think in any age and country is very limited, and still smaller is the number of those who think for themselves.

H H Asquith 1918

Category: Ideas

Tags: H H Asquith, Ideas, Ideologies

You are miserable isolated individuals. You are bankrupt. You have played out your role. Go where you belong, to the dustheap of history.

Leon Trotsky 10/1917

On the Mensheviks.

Category: Communism, Revolution

Tags: Communism, Ideologies, Leon Trotsky, Revolution

Whites must be made to realise that they are only human, not superior. ame with blacks. They must be kade to realise that they are also human, not inferior.

Steve Biko 26/10/1977

Category: Racism

Tags: Ideologies, Racism, Steve Biko

Nothing matters very much, and very few things matter at all.

Arthur Balfour

Category: Conservatism

Tags: Arthur Balfour, Conservatism, Ideologies

Random Speech

It is your tax which pays for public spending. The government have no money of their own. There is only taxpayers' money.

Margaret Thatcher

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