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Civilisation cannot survive if it rests on a propertyless proletariat.

Ernest Bevin 18/08/1941

Category: Property

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A man falls in love through hus eyes, a woman through her ears.

Woodrow Wyatt 1981

Category: Men & Chauvenism

Tags: Men & Chauvenism, Miscellaneous, Woodrow Wyatt

I was one of those people who was always rather frightened of women politicians.

William Whitelaw

Category: Men & Chauvenism

Tags: Men & Chauvenism, Miscellaneous, William Whitelaw

It is important to recognise that Mrs Thatcher is a woman. They're not like us and it's no good pretending that they are.

Peter Thorneycroft

Category: Men & Chauvenism

Tags: Men & Chauvenism, Miscellaneous, Peter Thorneycroft

Reporter: Who wears the trousers in your house?

Denis Thatcher: I do. And I wash and iron them.

Denis Thatcher

Category: Men & Chauvenism

Tags: Denis Thatcher, Men & Chauvenism, Miscellaneous

Dennis Skinner: How many civil servants are a) men and b) women?

Tim Renton: All of them

Tim Renton 06/02/1992

Answer to a parliamentary question.

Category: 100 Best Quotes Ever, Repartee, Men & Chauvenism

Tags: 100 Best Quotes Ever, Humour, Men & Chauvenism, Miscellaneous, Pick of the bunch, Repartee, Tim Renton

You cannot trust the interests of any class entirely to another class; and you cannot trust the interests of any sex to another sex.

David Lloyd George 1911

Category: Class, Men & Chauvenism

Tags: Class, David Lloyd George, Men & Chauvenism, Miscellaneous, Politics

I have long believed that women should play a much bigger part in our affairs.

Jo Grimond

Category: Men & Chauvenism

Tags: Jo Grimond, Men & Chauvenism, Miscellaneous

I have never consciously exploited the fact that I am a woman. I wouldn't dare try that even if I knew how to. I have too much respect for my male colleagues to think they would be particualrly impressed.

Barbara Castle 05/10/1969

Category: Flirtation, Feminism

Tags: Barbara Castle, Feminism, Flirtation, Ideologies, Miscellaneous

The atrocious crime of being a young man I shall neither attempt to palliate nor deny.

William Pitt 29/01/1741

Category: Youth

Tags: Miscellaneous, William Pitt, Youth

Mr Canning's death will not do all the good it might have done at a later period. But it is still a great public advantage.

Duke of Wellington 1827

Category: Conservative Politicians (quotes about), Death

Tags: Death, Duke of Wellington, Miscellaneous, Quotes About...

Anyone's blood can become blue for a lump sum down.

Nancy Astor

Category: Aristocracy

Tags: Aristocracy, Miscellaneous, Nancy Astor

It is fitting that we should have buried the Unknown prime Minister by the side of the Unknown Soldier.

H H Asquith 1922

At Andrew Bonar Law's funeral in Westminster Abbey.

Category: Conservative Politicians (quotes about), Death

Tags: Death, H H Asquith, Miscellaneous, Quotes About...

A fully equipped Duke costs as much to keep as two Dreadnoughts, and they are just as great a terror - and they last longer.

David Lloyd George 09/10/1909

Category: Aristocracy, House of Lords

Tags: Aristocracy, David Lloyd George, House of Lords, Miscellaneous, Parliament

Personally I think that private property has a right to be defended. Our civilisation is built up on property, and can only be defended by private property.

Winston Churchill 11/08/1947

Category: Property

Tags: Miscellaneous, Property, Winston Churchill

Government has no other end than the preservation of property.

John Locke 1690

Category: What is Government, Property

Tags: Government, John Locke, Miscellaneous, Property, What is Government

Selsdon Man is designing a system of society for the ruthlessness and the pushing, the uncaring. His message to the rest is: you're out on your own.

Harold Wilson 20/02/1970

Referring to the Conservative Policy conference held at Selsdon Park a few weeks earlier.

Category: Individualism

Tags: Harold Wilson, Individualism, Miscellaneous

Tomorrow every Duchess in London will be waiting to kiss me.

Ramsay MacDonald 1931

On forming the National Government in 1931

Category: Aristocracy

Tags: Aristocracy, Miscellaneous, Ramsay MacDonald

I have to keep law and order and it means that I have to kill my enemies before they kill me.

Idi Amin 1977

Category: Murder, Law & Order

Tags: Idi Amin, Law & Order, Miscellaneous, Murder, Policy

Assassination has never changed the history of the world.

Benjamin Disraeli 01/05/1865

Category: Murder

Tags: Benjamin Disraeli, Miscellaneous, Murder

Random Speech

The difference between a misfortune and a calamity is this: If Gladstone fell into the Thames, it would be a misfortune. But if someone dragged him out again, that would be a calamity.

Benjamin Disraeli

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