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A substantial extension of public ownership is an essential pre-requisite of greater equality of earned income.

Roy Jenkins 1952

Category: Equality, Nationalisation

Tags: Equality, Nationalisation, Policy, Politics, Roy Jenkins

With this step, the Union is finally overcoming the division of the European continent into east and west. The new and bigger Union will ... find a place in the world as a Europe of peace, solidarity and democracy.

Gerhard Schroeder 16/04/2003

On the signing of the Treaty of Accession for the Eastern European countries to the EU

Category: EU Enlargement

Tags: EU Enlargement, Gerhard Schroeder, Policy

It is only today that the Berlin Wall has truly fallen.

Jan Peter Balkenende 16/04/2003

Category: EU Enlargement

Tags: EU Enlargement, Jan Peter Balkenende, Policy

This text will create an even less democratic EU, full of politicians and even more remote from the ordinary voter.

David Heathcoat-Amory 2003

Category: European Constitution

Tags: David Heathcoat-Amory, European Constitution, Policy

Of particular importance to us is the recognition... that what we want is a Europe of nations, not a federal super-state.

Tony Blair 2003

Category: European Constitution

Tags: European Constitution, Policy, Tony Blair

We will have a clearer, simpler Union which citizens will be able to understand.

Romano Prodi 20/06/2003

Category: European Constitution

Tags: European Constitution, Policy, Romano Prodi

Despite all the hard work we have put into this, the text that is now before us simply lacks vision and ambition.

Romano Prodi 28/05/2003

Category: European Constitution

Tags: European Constitution, Policy, Romano Prodi

We apologise for lack of scenery.

Anonymous 2001

Announcement on a Connex train stuck in a tunnel in Sussex

Category: Railways

Tags: Anonymous, Policy, Railways

Our text must be adhered to as closely as possible. Europeans expect a constitution, so let's give it to them.

Valery Giscard D'Estaing 2003

Category: European Constitution

Tags: European Constitution, Policy, Valery Giscard D'Estaing

The day of the 'bog standard'comprehensive is over.

Alastair Campbell 2001

Category: Education

Tags: Alastair Campbell, Education, Policy

I don't recognise the term 'bog standard'but what I do recognise is the critical importance of honesty about what some children, in some schools have had to put up with over the years, and the need to do something about it.

David Blunkett 2001

In respomnse to Alastair Campbell's description of comprehensives as 'bog standard'.

Category: Education

Tags: David Blunkett, Education, Policy

I think we explored the further reaches of 'for better or for worse' than some other married couples.

Mary Archer 2001

On her marriage to Jeffrey

Category: Marriage

Tags: Marriage, Mary Archer, Policy

It is not clear which impending catastrophe will be worse: the collapse of the euro or the transformation of the European Union into an economic equivalent of the former Soviet Union.

Wilhelm Hankel

Category: European Union , Euro (Single Currency)

Tags: Countries, Euro (Single Currency), European Union, Policy, Wilhelm Hankel

Let's give the terrorists a fair trial and then hang them.

Gary Hart 09/2001

Category: Capital Punishment, Terrorism, War on Terror

Tags: Capital Punishment, Gary Hart, Policy, Terrorism, War on Terror, World Politics

We can live in a world with airy-fairy civil liberties and believe the best in everybody and they destroy us. But that is not the world we live in.

David Blunkett 2001

Defending a Bill allowing police to hold suspected foreign terrorists in indefinite detention

Category: Civil Liberties, War on Terror

Tags: Civil Liberties, David Blunkett, Policy, War on Terror, World Politics

I went to Rio for the day once, not so much for environmentally friendly reasons but more to help British industry to export weapons of mass destruction. I regret that I was unsuccessful in securing the necessary contract.

Neil Hamilton 04/1994

Category: Trade

Tags: Neil Hamilton, Policy, Trade

Until now their line has been that the Tories are incapable of doing anything about poverty, and aren't interested in doing it in the first place. By contrast, Labour says, we are also incapable of doing anything about poverty, but would dearly love to do something. If we knew what.

Simon Hoggart

Category: Poverty

Tags: Policy, Poverty, Simon Hoggart

Blair goes one way, Brown goes the other way and bang goes the third way.

Michael Howard 09/06/2003

After Gordon Brown's announcement to delay a Euro referendum

Category: Euro (Single Currency), Third Way

Tags: Euro (Single Currency), Ideologies, Michael Howard, Policy, Third Way

For six years, support in principle from the chancellor has been talk and no trousers.

Matthew Taylor MP 09/06/2003

On Gordon's Brown decision to postpone a Euro referendum

Category: Euro (Single Currency)

Tags: Euro (Single Currency), Matthew Taylor MP, Policy

Is it really necessary for Mr Brown to ask the British people, even in principle, to slash their throats a second time?

Sir Peter Tapsell 09/06/2003

A reference to Gordon Brown's Euro announcement. Tapsell voted against joining the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) in 1990.

Category: Euro (Single Currency)

Tags: Euro (Single Currency), Policy, Sir Peter Tapsell

Random Speech

The great She-Elephant - she has an impenetrably thick hide, she is liable to mount charges in all directions and she is always thinking on the trot.

Denis Healey

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