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I hope that people know me well enough and realise that I would never do anything to harm the country or anything improper. I never have. I think most people who have dealt with me think I am a pretty straight sort of a guy.

Tony Blair

After the Ecclestone affair.

Category: Corruption & Sleaze

Tags: Corruption & Sleaze, Scandal, Tony Blair

What do these rumours amount to? They amount to the fact that a Minister is said to be acquainted with a particularly pretty girl. I should have thought that were a matter of congratulation rather than enquiry.

Reginald Paget 20/03/1963

On the Proumo affair.

Category: Sex Scandals

Tags: Reginald Paget, Scandal, Sex Scandals

The people do not mind fornication but they loathe adultery.

Ramsay MacDonald 13/07/1936

On the abdication of Edward VIII

Category: Sex, Monarchy

Tags: Government, Monarchy, Ramsay MacDonald, Scandal, Sex

No sex without responsibility

Lord Longford 03/05/1954

Category: Sex

Tags: Lord Longford, Scandal, Sex

But he couldn't have had the time!

Selwyn Lloyd

On John Profumo's affair with Christine Keeler

Category: Sex Scandals

Tags: Scandal, Selwyn Lloyd, Sex Scandals

Almost everyone has the sexual potential for anything.

Ken Livingstone

Category: Sex

Tags: Ken Livingstone, Scandal, Sex

They who are of the opinion that money will do everything may well be suspected to do everything for money.

Marquess of Halifax

Category: Corruption & Sleaze, Money

Tags: Corruption & Sleaze, Economics, Marquess of Halifax, Money, Scandal

A great Party is not to be brought down because of a squalid affair between a woman of easy virtue and a proven liar.

Lord Hailsham 13/06/1963

On the Profumo scandal

Category: Conservative Party, Sex Scandals

Tags: Conservative Party, Lord Hailsham, Political Parties, Scandal, Sex Scandals

I am notorious. I will go down in history as another Lady Hamilton.

Mandy Rice-Davies 1963

Category: Sex Scandals

Tags: Mandy Rice-Davies, Scandal, Sex Scandals

The Government is attempting a cover-up.

Richard Nixon 1948

On the Alger Hiss case

Category: Corruption & Sleaze

Tags: Corruption & Sleaze, Richard Nixon, Scandal

I have often been accused of putting my foot in my mouth, but I have never put my hand in your pocket.

Spiro T Agnew

Agnew was later indicted on tax evasion charges.

Category: Corruption & Sleaze

Tags: Corruption & Sleaze, Scandal, Spiro T Agnew

The unpleasant and unacceptable face of capitalism.

Edward Heath 15/05/1963

On a payment by Lonrho to Tory MP Duncan Sandys.

Category: Capitalism, Corruption & Sleaze

Tags: Capitalism, Corruption & Sleaze, Edward Heath, Ideologies, Scandal

All the poison that my Hon. friend (Edwina Currie) suggests I would happily take rather than be spread eagled on the floor of the House by her.

Nicholas Fairbairn 14/01/1985

Category: Sex

Tags: Nicholas Fairbairn, Scandal, Sex

I must tell my Hon. Friend Miss Janet Fookes) that although I have always been attracted to her I have never actually dared ask her whether she would go to bed with me.

Nicholas Fairbairn 25/01/1985

Category: Sex

Tags: Nicholas Fairbairn, Scandal, Sex

I said there had been no impropriety...that was not true and I misled you and my colleagues and the House.

John Profumo 23/03/1963

Category: Sex Scandals, Truth

Tags: John Profumo, Politics, Scandal, Sex Scandals, Truth

There was no impropriety whatsoever in my acquaintance with Miss Keeler.

John Profumo

Category: Sex Scandals

Tags: John Profumo, Scandal, Sex Scandals

I am always on the job.

Margaret Thatcher 1984

Interview on Aspel & Co, explaining that she lived above the shop at Downing Street

Category: Sex, Foot in Mouth

Tags: Foot in Mouth, Humour, Margaret Thatcher, Scandal, Sex

What do you think of those two then?

Margaret Thatcher

To male advisers, while holding up Page 3 of The Sun in front of them

Category: Sex

Tags: Margaret Thatcher, Scandal, Sex

Jesus Christ, Peter, what a misjudgement.

Tony Blair 2000

Alleged remark of Tony Blair to Peter Mandelson as the row over his house purchase loan from Geoffrey Robinson unfolded.

Category: Corruption & Sleaze

Tags: Corruption & Sleaze, Scandal, Tony Blair

I do not under any circumstances discuss my relations with the ladies. I am a gentleman, not a hairdresser.

Alan Clark

Discussing his diaries

Category: Sex

Tags: Alan Clark, Scandal, Sex

Random Speech

The essence of the modern state is that the universal be bound up with the complete freedom of its members and with private well-being.

G W F Hegel

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