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I really adored her, though by the time I met her she was already with David. She's gorgeous and we were all crazy about her. She's just very clever, very artistic and very beautiful.

Dominic West 27/04/2010

Category: Women in Politics

Tags: Dominic West, Politics, Women in Politics

It's a bit like political Wag-ery, isn't it? It seems to me to be completely irrelevant.

Esther Rantzen 11/04/2010

Category: Women in Politics

Tags: Esther Rantzen, Politics, Women in Politics

We knew one day someone might remember them. We were hoping they would never appear, but they have. These things happen.

David Cameron 22/03/2010

Category: Women in Politics

Tags: David Cameron, Politics, Women in Politics

I am just not a great fan of the Piers Morgan format. I would rather do something a bit more substantial.

David Cameron 18/02/2010

On Piers Morgan's interview with Gordon Brown.

Category: Leaders, Interviews, Labour Politicians (quotes about), Events

Tags: David Cameron, Events, Interviews, Leaders, Media, Political Parties, Politics, Quotes About...

If I was in standard class I would not do work because people would be looking over your shoulder the entire time. There would be noise. There would be distraction... They are totally different type of people.

Sir Nicholas Winterton 18/02/2010

on MPs travelling first class

Category: Conservative Party, Class

Tags: Class, Conservative Party, Political Parties, Politics, Sir Nicholas Winterton

Politics is the art of acquiring, holding, and wielding power.

Indira Gandhi

Category: Politics is...

Tags: Indira Gandhi, Politics, Politics is...

The reason that there are so few women politicians is that it takes too long to put make-up on two faces.

Maureen Murphy

Category: Women in Politics

Tags: Maureen Murphy, Politics, Women in Politics

We had lost the art of communication - but not, alas, the gift of speech.

Gordon Brown 1997

On Labour's 1983 election campaign.

Category: Speechmaking

Tags: Gordon Brown, Politics, Speechmaking

John Major. He dresses so well. And so quickly.

Gyles Brandreth

Category: Appearance

Tags: Appearance, Gyles Brandreth, Politics

As a politician, you only meet two types of people. People with problems, and people who are right.

Gyles Brandreth

Category: Politicians (as a species)

Tags: Gyles Brandreth, Politicians (as a species), Politics

Blood sport is brought to its ultimate refinement in the gossip columns.

Sir Bernard Ingham 05/02/1986

Category: Gossip

Tags: Gossip, Politics, Sir Bernard Ingham

Consultation is a good thing when people agree with you and a waste of time when people don't agree with you.

Ken Livingstone 03/2003

Category: Conviction

Tags: Conviction, Ken Livingstone, Politics

You can have all the ambitions in the world, but if you don't have the money to carry them out then they're just so much pipe smoke.

Helen Liddell 2001

Category: Ambition

Tags: Ambition, Helen Liddell, Politics

From now on it's downhill all the way.

Charles Kennedy 1999

Category: Leadership Elections, Leadership

Tags: Charles Kennedy, Leadership, Leadership Elections, Political Parties, Politics

The class war is over.

Tony Blair

Category: Class

Tags: Class, Politics, Tony Blair

There is nothing like waking up at six in the morning and changing a baby's nappy to bring you face to face with life's reality.

Tony Blair 2001

Category: Lifestyle

Tags: Lifestyle, Politics, Tony Blair

The politician's prayer is: May my words be ever soft and low, for I may have to eat them.

Norman Lamont 2001

Category: Politicians (as a species)

Tags: Norman Lamont, Politicians (as a species), Politics

Part of my dogsbody job during the 1983 election was choosing Mum's missile-proof clothes. They had to be disposable.

Carol Thatcher 2001

Category: Appearance

Tags: Appearance, Carol Thatcher, Politics

It is not my policy to hit voters during the election.

William Hague 05/2001

After the Prescott punch.

Category: 2001 General Election, Election Campaigning, Violence

Tags: 2001 General Election, Election Campaigning, Elections, Politics, Violence, William Hague

My roots, my background and the way I act is working class, but it would be hypsocritical to say I'm anything else than middle class now.

John Prescott

Category: Class

Tags: Class, John Prescott, Politics

Random Speech

Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.

H L Mencken

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