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I gave a figure, off the top of my head, of a billion to a billion-and-a-half. I stand by that figure.

Philip Hammond

on justifying his claim that Conservative plans would save £1.5bn despite the fact that the institute for Fiscal Studies estimate was half of that

Category: Conservative Party, Mistakes

Tags: Conservative Party, Humour, Mistakes, Philip Hammond, Political Parties

I am not happy about the way things are. I pray for President Obama every single day. But tell you what. Homey made this bed, now he has got to lay in it.

Stephen Baldwin 15/02/2010

at the Conservative Political Action Conference

Category: Presidency, The US (office of), Party Conferences

Tags: America, Party Conferences, Political Parties, Presidency, The US (office of), Stephen Baldwin

I want to stand up and be counted - and expose the BNP for what they are... I want to antagonise them and attend their meetings, find out what makes them tick.

Mo Chaudry 22/02/2010

the Asian millionaire businessman announcing he will apply for membership of the British National Party.

Category: BNP & National Front

Tags: BNP & National Front, Mo Chaudry, Political Parties

I think it was a legitimate comment and I mean Twitter is edgy and you know it provokes debate. It looks on this occasion that as if it has caused a serious problem and we need to go back and look at that.

David Wright MP 16/02/2010

on his "scum-sucking pig" Twitter post

Category: Insulting Conservatives, Labour Party, Making Headlines, Member of Parliament (role of)

Tags: David Wright MP, Insulting Conservatives, Insults, Labour Party, Making Headlines, Media, Member of Parliament (role of), Parliament, Political Parties


Category: Conservative Party, Mistakes

Tags: Conservative Party, Humour, Mistakes, Political Parties

I am just not a great fan of the Piers Morgan format. I would rather do something a bit more substantial.

David Cameron 18/02/2010

On Piers Morgan's interview with Gordon Brown.

Category: Leaders, Interviews, Labour Politicians (quotes about), Events

Tags: David Cameron, Events, Interviews, Leaders, Media, Political Parties, Politics, Quotes About...

If I was in standard class I would not do work because people would be looking over your shoulder the entire time. There would be noise. There would be distraction... They are totally different type of people.

Sir Nicholas Winterton 18/02/2010

on MPs travelling first class

Category: Conservative Party, Class

Tags: Class, Conservative Party, Political Parties, Politics, Sir Nicholas Winterton

I really think that the Liberal Party is dead and that one will simply have to think of men and policies after the war - not of parties.

Lord Aberdeen

Letter to his wife during World War I

Category: Liberal Democrats, Liberal Party, World War I

Tags: Liberal Democrats, Liberal Party, Lord Aberdeen, Political Parties, World Politics, World War I

No change, no chance.

John Redwood 07/1995

Campaign slogan for Redwood's challenge to John Major in 1995.

Category: Leadership Elections

Tags: John Redwood, Leadership Elections, Political Parties

The Conservative Party is a tax cutting party or it is nothing.

John Redwood 1995

Said during the 1995 Conservative leadership election.

Category: Conservative Party, Tax Cuts

Tags: Conservative Party, Economics, John Redwood, Political Parties, Tax Cuts

I applaud strong government, but not overweening government sustained by cronies, ciphers and a personality cult.

Margaret Thatcher 06/2001

On the Blair government.

Category: New Labour

Tags: Margaret Thatcher, New Labour, Political Parties

Voting for New Labour is like helping an old lady across the road while screaming 'Get a move on!' Even the Tories, who you could once rely on to be completely heartless are pretending to care.

Boy George 2001

Category: 2001 General Election, New Labour

Tags: 2001 General Election, Boy George, Elections, New Labour, Political Parties

Our task is not to fight old battles, but to show that there is a third way, a way of marrying together an open competitive society and successful economy with a just and decent society.

Tony Blair

Category: New Labour

Tags: New Labour, Political Parties, Tony Blair

From now on it's downhill all the way.

Charles Kennedy 1999

Category: Leadership Elections, Leadership

Tags: Charles Kennedy, Leadership, Leadership Elections, Political Parties, Politics

We regard our parties as interesting groups of gladiators.

Lord Rosebery

Category: What is a Political Party?

Tags: Lord Rosebery, Political Parties, What is a Political Party?

The Labour Party is like a stage-coach. If you rattle along at great speed everybody is too exhilerated or too seasick to cause any trouble. But if you stop everybody gets out and argues about where to go next.

Harold Wilson

Category: Labour Party

Tags: Harold Wilson, Labour Party, Political Parties

All political parties have skeletons in their cupboard, some with manacles on, some with their hands tied behind their backs.

Lord Birkenhead

Category: What is a Political Party?

Tags: Lord Birkenhead, Political Parties, What is a Political Party?

Liquid grease that slips and slides to the lowest level of responsibility.

Neil Kinnock

On the SDP Liberal Alliance.

Category: SDP

Tags: Neil Kinnock, Political Parties, SDP

Why are Tories like walnuts? because they are troublesome to Peel.

Earl of Clarendon 13/06/1843

On Sir Robert Peel's difficulties.

Category: Conservative Party

Tags: Conservative Party, Earl of Clarendon, Political Parties

My Right Honourable Friend is advised that to disregard a 'Keep Left' sign is an offence.

James Callaghan 04/11/1947

Category: Labour Party

Tags: James Callaghan, Labour Party, Political Parties

Random Speech

In every age the vilest specimens of human nature are to be found among demagogues.

Lord Macaulay

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