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He 'broke' the vacuum cleaner the first time he was asked to use it - a well-worn male tactic

Fiona Millar 02/03/2010

Alastair Campbell's partner Fiona Millar exposes the former No 10 comms chief as being useless at housework

Category: Men & Chauvenism

Tags: Fiona Millar, Men & Chauvenism, Miscellaneous

It was a relief to see that Gerry's search for Jesus didn't result in a meeting of minds after all. Indeed it was all strangely detached, even a little wistful. Thankfully we were spared a wander round the Holy Land looking for Jesus the revolutionary, some parallels about blood sacrifice, a Christian justification for the IRA campaign.

Slugger O'Toole 20/02/2010

On Gerry Adams's performance on Channel 4 show 'The Bible: A History'

Category: Television, IRA Terrorism, Nationalism

Tags: Ideologies, IRA Terrorism, Media, Miscellaneous, Nationalism, Slugger O'Toole, Television

Let our object be our country, our whole country and nothing but our country.

Daniel Webster 1825

Category: English Identity, Patriotism

Tags: Daniel Webster, English Identity, Miscellaneous, Patriotism, Policy

Chris Smith is openly gay and I think Peter Mandelson is certainly gay.

Lord Aberdeen

Outing Mandelson to an open mouthed Jeremy Paxman

Category: Homosexuality

Tags: Homosexuality, Lord Aberdeen, Miscellaneous

We used to have a pint at every stop, and we used to have about ten stops in a day.

William Hague

Recalling his day's as a brewery driver's mate.

Category: Alcohol & Drinking

Tags: Alcohol & Drinking, Miscellaneous, William Hague

I will say what I want to say. I had some homosexual experiences as a young person.

Michael Portillo

Category: Homosexuality

Tags: Homosexuality, Michael Portillo, Miscellaneous

Aristrocracy is like cheese. The older it is the higher it becomes.

David Lloyd George 12/1910

Category: Aristocracy

Tags: Aristocracy, David Lloyd George, Miscellaneous

If people have to choose between freedom and sandwiches they will take sandwiches.

Lord Boyd-Orr

Category: Food, Freedom & Liberty

Tags: Food, Freedom & Liberty, Ideologies, Lord Boyd-Orr, Miscellaneous

Is it not a fact that the weapon in the armoury of the iRA is capital punishment?

Reverend Ian Paisley 17/12/1990

Category: Capital Punishment, IRA Terrorism, Northern Ireland

Tags: Capital Punishment, Government, IRA Terrorism, Miscellaneous, Northern Ireland, Policy, Reverend Ian Paisley

Property has its duties as well as its rights.

Lord Normanby

Category: Property

Tags: Lord Normanby, Miscellaneous, Property

We hear war called murder. It is not. It is suicide.

Ramsay MacDonald 1930

Category: War, Murder

Tags: Miscellaneous, Murder, Ramsay MacDonald, War, World Politics

I am the first male member of my family for about three generations who can have reasonable confidence in expecting that I will leave this earth with more or less the same number of fingers, hands, legs, toes and eyes as I had when I was born.

Neil Kinnock

Category: Death

Tags: Death, Miscellaneous, Neil Kinnock

The best work in the world was always done by members of the aristocracy.

Lord Curzon

Category: Aristocracy

Tags: Aristocracy, Lord Curzon, Miscellaneous

Personally I do not believe in the likelihood of Persian oil deposits being worked at profit.

Lord Curzon

Category: Oil

Tags: Lord Curzon, Miscellaneous, Oil

A Society in which the people's wants do not exceed their possessions is not a Socialist society.

Aneurin Bevan

Category: Socialism, Society

Tags: Aneurin Bevan, Ideologies, Miscellaneous, Socialism, Society

One reason I don't drink is that I want to know when I'm having a good time.

Nancy Astor

Category: Alcohol & Drinking

Tags: Alcohol & Drinking, Miscellaneous, Nancy Astor

In youth, the absense of pleasure is pain, in old age, the absence of pain is pleasure.

Henry Addington

Category: Youth, Old Age

Tags: Henry Addington, Miscellaneous, Old Age, Policy, Youth

Those who would treat politics and morality apart will never understand the one or the other.

John Morley

Category: Morals & Morality

Tags: John Morley, Miscellaneous, Morals & Morality

I can't legislate to change human nature.

John Major 20/06/1992

Category: Morals & Morality

Tags: John Major, Miscellaneous, Morals & Morality

Man's material discoveries have outpaced his moral progress.

Clement Attlee 09/11/1945

Category: Materialism, Morals & Morality

Tags: Clement Attlee, Materialism, Miscellaneous, Morals & Morality

Random Speech

I met Curzon in Downing Street, from whom I got the sort of greeting a corpse would give an undertaker.

Stanley Baldwin

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