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My late husband gave his life to the Labour Party and my loyalty is to the party, and to what Gordon Brown has done for the country... My son holds his own views but I'm very angry about this and very angry with him.

Manjula Sood 04/05/2010

Category: Criticism, Insulting Labour, Prime Minister (Office of)

Tags: Criticism, Government, Humour, Insulting Labour, Insults, Manjula Sood, Prime Minister (Office of)

I think it was a legitimate comment and I mean Twitter is edgy and you know it provokes debate. It looks on this occasion that as if it has caused a serious problem and we need to go back and look at that.

David Wright MP 16/02/2010

on his "scum-sucking pig" Twitter post

Category: Insulting Conservatives, Labour Party, Making Headlines, Member of Parliament (role of)

Tags: David Wright MP, Insulting Conservatives, Insults, Labour Party, Making Headlines, Media, Member of Parliament (role of), Parliament, Political Parties

When I hear the name of Richard Body I hear the sound of flapping white coats.

John Major 1994

Category: Insulting Conservatives, Eurosceptic

Tags: Eurosceptic, Insulting Conservatives, Insults, John Major, Policy

The weak are a long time in politics.

Neil Shand

On John Gummer

Category: Insulting Conservatives

Tags: Insulting Conservatives, Insults, Neil Shand

It would be wrong to suggest that Neil Hamilton is his own worst enemy, when there are so many others better qualified for the post.

Craig Brown

Category: Insulting Conservatives

Tags: Craig Brown, Insulting Conservatives, Insults

They are nothing else but a load kippers - two-faced, with no guts.

Eric Heffer

On the Conservative Government.

Category: Insulting Conservatives

Tags: Eric Heffer, Insulting Conservatives, Insults

In the Members' Dining Room, the Conservatives eat at one end, the Labour Party at the other, while the Liberals wait at table.

Gyles Brandreth

Category: Insulting Liberals, House of Commons

Tags: Gyles Brandreth, House of Commons, Insulting Liberals, Insults, Parliament

The Conservatives conserve what you have got, the Liberals are liberal with it and Labour gives it all away.

Ted Hunt

Category: Insulting Labour, Insulting Liberals, Conservatism

Tags: Conservatism, Ideologies, Insulting Labour, Insulting Liberals, Insults, Ted Hunt

Oh, look! They're selling Liberals!

Norman Tebbit 06/2001

On spotting flip flops being sold at ? £4.99 a pair.

Category: Insulting Liberals, 2001 General Election

Tags: 2001 General Election, Elections, Insulting Liberals, Insults, Norman Tebbit

New Labour, Old Bag.

Alastair Campbell 10/1997

On Barbara Castle after her protest over pensions

Category: Insulting Labour

Tags: Alastair Campbell, Insulting Labour, Insults

Peel's smile is like the silver plate on a coffin.

Daniel O'Connell 26/02/1835

On Sir Robert Peel

Category: Insulting Conservatives, Appearance

Tags: Appearance, Daniel O'Connell, Insulting Conservatives, Insults, Politics

It isn't those who always addressing each other as comrade who necessarily show the most brotherly feelings.

Harold Macmillan

Category: Insulting Labour

Tags: Harold Macmillan, Insulting Labour, Insults

If I was in the gutter, which I'm not, he'd still be looking up at me from the sewer.

Neil Kinnock

On Michael Heseltine

Category: Insulting Conservatives

Tags: Insulting Conservatives, Insults, Neil Kinnock

I asked the simple question whether it was really Mr Tebbit's desire always to give his imitation of a semi-housetrained polecat. The Animal Welfare Society sent me some complaints, but that's another matter.

Michael Foot

On Norman Tebbit

Category: Insulting Conservatives

Tags: Insulting Conservatives, Insults, Michael Foot

If a traveller were informed that such a man were leader of the House of Commons, he may well begin to comprehend how the Egyptians worshipped an insect.

Benjamin Disraeli

On Lord John Russell

Category: Insulting Liberals

Tags: Benjamin Disraeli, Insulting Liberals, Insults

Attlee seemed determined to make a trumpet sound like a train whistle.

Aneurin Bevan

Category: Insulting Labour, Speechmaking

Tags: Aneurin Bevan, Insulting Labour, Insults, Politics, Speechmaking

Listening to a speech by Neville Chamberlain is like paying a visit to Woolworths; everything in its place and nothing above sixpence.

Aneurin Bevan

Category: Insulting Conservatives, Speechmaking

Tags: Aneurin Bevan, Insulting Conservatives, Insults, Politics, Speechmaking

Whenever you scratch a Tory you find a Fascist.

Aneurin Bevan

Category: Insulting Conservatives

Tags: Aneurin Bevan, Insulting Conservatives, Insults

Mrs Currie loses an enormous number of opportunities to remain silent.

Gerald Kaufman 14/02/1987

Category: Insulting Conservatives

Tags: Gerald Kaufman, Insulting Conservatives, Insults

As usual, the Liberals offer a mixture of sound and original ideas. Unfortunately, none of the sound ideas is original, and none of the original ideas is sound.

Harold Macmillan 1961

Category: Insulting Liberals, Ideas

Tags: Harold Macmillan, Ideas, Ideologies, Insulting Liberals, Insults

Random Speech

Political skill is the ability to foretell what is going to happen...and to have the ability afterwards to explain why it did not happen.

Winston Churchill

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