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My late husband gave his life to the Labour Party and my loyalty is to the party, and to what Gordon Brown has done for the country... My son holds his own views but I'm very angry about this and very angry with him.

Manjula Sood 04/05/2010

Category: Criticism, Insulting Labour, Prime Minister (Office of)

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Perhaps the bigger blow, though, is to the role of the professional politician. Whether you agree with Mr Purnell or not, he is intelligent, articulate, youthful: he adds to public life, and will presumably wish to contribute to it still. What does it say about Parliament, or about the life of an MP, that he would much rather operate from beyond Westminster?

Stephen Tall

On the resignation of James Purnell

Category: Reshuffles, Resignations

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Now this really is getting highly surreal and amusing at the same time. On the one hand, Labour Party people, such as John Prescott are complaining about a breach of confidentiality by the National Bullying Helpline, and then others, such as Gordon brown's PPS are demanding the helpline prove its statements, thus breaching confidentiality further.

Dizzy Thinks 22/02/2010

summarising the Gordon Brown bullying debacle

Category: Making Headlines, Number 10

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The junk food of political journalism...all reshuffle stories are crap.

Alastair Campbell 1998

Category: Reshuffles

Tags: Alastair Campbell, Government, Reshuffles

Labour's constitutional blueprint is nothing less than a plan for the destruction of UK democracy.

John Redwood 1999

Category: Constitution

Tags: Constitution, Government, John Redwood

I have more government than I want, more government than I need, more government than I can afford.

John Redwood 06/2003

Category: What is Government

Tags: Government, John Redwood, What is Government

The most vital issue in British politics today is whether we really exist to serve the state or whether the state exists to serve us.

Brian Walden 1978

Category: State, The

Tags: Brian Walden, Government, State, The

I was sacked for running in like an ill-trained spaniel.

Viscount Cranborne

After being sacked as leader of the Lords by William Hague.

Category: Resignations

Tags: Government, Resignations, Viscount Cranborne

My department is not too big for one man, because I'm Superman.

John Prescott

Category: Art of Government

Tags: Art of Government, Government, John Prescott

Coalition will come sooner or later, I'm certain of that.

Paddy Ashdown

Category: Coalitions

Tags: Coalitions, Government, Paddy Ashdown

You may call it coalition, you may call it the accidental and fortuitous concurrence of atoms.

Lord Palmerston 05/03/1857

Category: Coalitions

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There is a popular belief among Prime Ministers that regular bursts of activity make it look as if something positive is happening.

Richard Marsh

Category: Prime Minister's Questions, Prime Minister (Office of)

Tags: Government, Parliament, Prime Minister (Office of), Prime Minister's Questions, Richard Marsh

I think the Priem Minister has to be a butcher and know the joints.

R A Butler 1966

Category: Prime Minister (Office of), Reshuffles

Tags: Government, Prime Minister (Office of), R A Butler, Reshuffles

It is rather like sending your opening batsmen to the crease, only for them to find that their bats have been broken before the game by the team captain.

Geoffrey Howe 13/11/1990

On Mrs Thatcher's style during his resignation speech

Category: Resignations

Tags: Geoffrey Howe, Government, Resignations

The ideal Government minister may well be someone who has no itch to run other people's lives.

Edward Grey

Category: Ministers

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Drift is the demon of democracy.

Anthony Eden

Category: Democracy

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I don't want soiled bedclothes.

Hugh Dalton 1951

On ebeing offered the Foreign Office when Bevin retired.

Category: Reshuffles

Tags: Government, Hugh Dalton, Reshuffles

Once I leave I leave. I am not going to speak to the man on the bridge and I am not going to spit on the deck.

Stanley Baldwin

On leaving public office.

Category: Resignations

Tags: Government, Resignations, Stanley Baldwin

It's a funny olf world.

Margaret Thatcher 22/11/1990

At the Cabinet meeting announcing her resignation.

Category: Resignations

Tags: Government, Margaret Thatcher, Resignations

The distinction of being without an honour is becoming a rare and valuable one and should not become extinct.

Robert Peel 1841

Category: Honours System

Tags: Government, Honours System, Robert Peel

Random Speech

I pay tribute to John Major's achievement in persuading the other 11 Community heads of government that they could move ahead to the social chapter but not within the Treaty and without Britain's participation. It sets a vital precedent, for an enlarged Community can only function if we build in flexibility of that kind. John Major deserves high praise for ensuring at Maastricht that we would not have either a single currency or the absurd provisions of the social chapter forced upon us: our industry, workforce and national prosperity will benefit as a result.

Margaret Thatcher

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