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Be like Madame Bruni, take a small French model

Sixt 27/04/2010

Category: France

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I understand French very well. It is harder with some of the technical terms but je peux parler tres bien francais, mais je ne sais pais le vocabulaire parce ce que j'ai oublie. I see it as a positive, not a negative.

Baroness Ashton of Upholland 23/03/2010

Category: France

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It's too bad the French don't have a word for entrepreneur.

George W Bush 26/05/2002

To one of his aides on his first-ever visit to France

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You still hear some people speaking as though we could decide whether the Common market existed or not.

Hugh Gaitskell 08/05/1962

Category: European Union

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Let it be known that war with a colony is war with England.

Viscount Cardwell

Category: Commonwealth & Empire, War

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This is a great day for France.

Richard Nixon

At de Gaulle's funeral.

Category: Foot in Mouth, France

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I've spent my life fighting the Germans and fighting the politicians. It is much easier to fight the Germans.

Field-Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

Category: Germany, Politicians (as a species)

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My belief is, from all that I have seen of the French people and their Government, that they are much more likely to presume upon our weakness than to take offence at our strength.

Robert Peel

Category: France

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Mrs Thatcher tells us she has given the French President a piece of her mind... not a gift I would receive with alacrity.

Denis Healey 05/09/1989

Category: France, Margaret Thatcher (quotes about)

Tags: Countries, Denis Healey, France, Margaret Thatcher (quotes about), Quotes About...

I do not stare at a gentleman in distress.

Arthur Balfour 1919

On the German emissary at the Versailles Peace Conference

Category: Germany, World War I

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I fon't believe in balck majority rule in Rhodesia...not in a thousand years.

Ian Smith 03/1976

Category: Zimbabwe

Tags: Countries, Ian Smith, Zimbabwe

The cumulative effects of the economic and financial sanctions might well bring the rebellion to an end within a matter of weeks rather than months.

Harold Wilson 01/1966

Referring to Rhodesia's declaration of UDI.

Category: Zimbabwe

Tags: Countries, Harold Wilson, Zimbabwe

If you open that Pandora's box you never know what Trojan 'orses will jump out.

Ernest Bevin 1949

Mixing up his Greek legends to warn about the consequences of setting up the Council of Europe.

Category: European Union

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We will not be humiliated. We will not be defeated.

Richard Nixon 04/1970

Category: Vietnam

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We only want that which is given naturally to all peoples of the world, to be masters of our own fate, only of our fate, not of others, and in co-operation and friendship with others.

Golda Meir 25/03/1946

Statement to the Committee of Enquiry on the future of Palestine.

Category: Israel

Tags: Countries, Golda Meir, Israel

The day of small nations has long passed away. The day of empires has come.

Joseph Chamberlain 12/05/1904

Category: Commonwealth & Empire

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The wind of change is blowing through the continent and whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact.

Harold Macmillan 03/02/1960

Category: 100 Best Quotes Ever, South Africa, Nationalism

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My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you that I have signed legislation to outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.

Ronald Reagan 11/08/1984

Testing a microphone, unaware he was being recorded.

Category: Russia/USSR

Tags: Countries, Ronald Reagan, Russia/USSR

There are going to be no dramatic changes in Rhodesia.

Ian Smith 05/01/1979

Category: Zimbabwe

Tags: Countries, Ian Smith, Zimbabwe

Kenneth Clarke: Isn't it terrible about losing to the Germans at our national sport, Prime Minister?

Margaret Thatcher: I shouldn't worry too much - we've beaten them twice this century at theirs.

Margaret Thatcher 06/1990

Following England's loss to Germany in the 1990 World Cup Soccer Semi Final

Category: Germany, Football, Repartee

Tags: Countries, Football, Germany, Humour, Margaret Thatcher, Miscellaneous, Repartee

Random Speech

In the same period that the Americans have lived under one constitution our French friends notched up five. A Punch cartoon has a 19th century Englishman asking a librarian for a copy of the French constitution, only to be told: 'I am sorry Sir, we do not stock periodicals.'

Margaret Thatcher

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