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It is government policy to phase out subsidies to nationalised industries. In line with this, the government hopes that the coal industry will be able to operate without the need for assistance apart from social grants.

Tony Benn 1974

Category: Subsidy, Nationalisation

Tags: Economics, Nationalisation, Policy, Subsidy, Tony Benn

The Tories think they are witnessing the retirement of a popular headmistress under circumstances that some might regret.

Tony Benn 22/11/1990

On Margaret Thatcher's resignation.

Category: Margaret Thatcher (quotes about)

Tags: Margaret Thatcher (quotes about), Quotes About..., Tony Benn

I do not share the general view that market forces are the basis of personal liberty.

Tony Benn 22/11/1990

Category: Freedom & Liberty

Tags: Freedom & Liberty, Ideologies, Tony Benn

I don't want to commit myself in advocating a definite republican constitution which will get bogged down with the question of who would elect the President and when.

Tony Benn 20/05/1963

Category: Republicanism (in Britain)

Tags: Ideologies, Republicanism (in Britain), Tony Benn

Having served in eleven Parliaments, it would be difficult to describe this as a maiden speech. It would be like Elizabeth Taylor appearing at her next wedding in a white gown.

Tony Benn 06/03/1984

Category: Speechmaking

Tags: Politics, Speechmaking, Tony Benn

There is the No Turning Back Group - I believe that was the cry of the Gadarene Swine.

Tony Benn

Category: Conservative Party

Tags: Conservative Party, Political Parties, Tony Benn

Middle class Labour leaders are recaptured by the establishment when they die.

Tony Benn 07/11/1967

Category: Class

Tags: Class, Politics, Tony Benn

It is obvious I shall have to abandon my hopes of getting the Queen's head off the stamps.

Tony Benn 31/12/1965

Category: Monarchy

Tags: Government, Monarchy, Tony Benn

Harold rejected my proposal for a programme on world poverty on TV on the eve of the municipal elections.

Tony Benn 23/03/1964

Category: Poverty

Tags: Policy, Poverty, Tony Benn

If I rescued a child from drowning the Press would no doubt headline the story 'Benn grabs child'.

Tony Benn 02/03/1975

Category: Spin

Tags: Media, Spin, Tony Benn

I am on the right wing of the middle of the road with a strong radical bias.

Tony Benn 1959

Category: Labour Politicians (quotes about)

Tags: Quotes About..., Tony Benn

The Task Force will cost this country a far greater humiliation than we have already suffered. The attempt will fail.

Tony Benn 07/04/1982

Category: Falklands War

Tags: Falklands War, Tony Benn, World Politics

It is tempting to deny, but if you deny you confirm what you won't deny, and by confirming and denying you have announced before you have decided.

Tony Benn 1966

Category: Foot in Mouth

Tags: Foot in Mouth, Humour, Tony Benn

The present combination of corporate or commercial control theoretically answerable to politically appointed Boards of Governors is not in any sense a democratic enough procedure to control the power the broadcasters have.

Tony Benn 09/02/1972

Category: Institutions

Tags: Institutions, Media, Tony Benn

The trouble is that most of what we see and hear is filtered through someone who is an expert in communications, maybe a producer, or a journalist, or an editor. They feel it is their job to make their material interesting.But making it interesting means that someone plonks himself down between us and the real situation. You just don't hear people who are actually working in industry talking in their own language about their lives and problems.

Tony Benn 02/05/1971

Category: Public Relations

Tags: Media, Public Relations, Tony Benn

The one thing that is absolutely essential is that there shouldn't be any governmental control [of the media] directly or indirectly.

Tony Benn 1969

Category: Government & Media, Nationalisation

Tags: Government & Media, Media, Nationalisation, Policy, Tony Benn

If ever I left the House of Commons it would be because I wanted to spend more time on politics.

Tony Benn 1998

Category: House of Commons

Tags: House of Commons, Parliament, Tony Benn

She taught us how to live and how to die - you can't ask for any more than that.

Tony Benn 2001

On his beloved wife Caroline, who died in 2001

Category: Death

Tags: Death, Miscellaneous, Tony Benn

Random Speech

If ever I left the House of Commons it would be because I wanted to spend more time on politics.

Tony Benn

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