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I was very precocious. I was pleased with myself. I thought I was very good-looking and I thought I was very clever - and I was.

Robert Boothby 06/02/1968

Category: Boasting

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No one who had any sense ever liked school.

Robert Boothby 1983

Category: Education

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At intervals he turned a somersualt, exactly like a porpoise; and when his head reappeared at the other end of the bath, he continued precisely where he left off.

Robert Boothby 1975

On Winston Churchill

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Of all the political pygmies, he was the pygmiest.

Robert Boothby

On Sir Samuel Hoare

Category: Insulting Conservatives

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Random Speech

Perhaps the bigger blow, though, is to the role of the professional politician. Whether you agree with Mr Purnell or not, he is intelligent, articulate, youthful: he adds to public life, and will presumably wish to contribute to it still. What does it say about Parliament, or about the life of an MP, that he would much rather operate from beyond Westminster?

Stephen Tall

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